Franchisee - Daina Hernden


Feb 11, 2010

Now is the time to join the future of real estate.

The trend in many industries is to eliminate the middleman, leverage the power of the internet, and get rid of extra costs. That’s exactly what is doing for real estate. Some would even say that has great timing since commissions are now being viewed by the general public with increased suspicion. This sets the stage for a great franchise opportunity.

Sell Your House.Pay Yourself.

It’s a no commission message that speaks the language of today’s real estate customer. gives sellers an advantage that traditional real estate companies just can’t offer. Their system allows the home owner to either pocket what they would have paid in commission, or sell their home quicker by creating a more competitive price advantage by removing the cost of commission. offers their service for a fraction of what the traditional real estate agent would pocket. Launched in 1998, the company now has over 100 franchise locations all across Canada, giving their franchise owners the momentum they need to reshape an entire industry. The story is resonating loud and clear with a public fed up with the high cost of commission.

Their franchise owners are very proud of what they do. And they should be since they help people save a lot of money, often in the range of ten to twenty thousand dollars. Instead of commission, homeowners pay an ‘a-la-carte’ style flat fee that ranges from $349 to $1499 (on average) – all depending on the individual needs of the homeowner. A mere drop in the bucket compared to the 5%-7% routinely paid to agents. Franchise owners become certified Private Sale Professionals™, which means they have completed a rigorous training program and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Daina Hernden of Truro Nova Scotia is a new franchise owner and a Private Sale Professional™. She’s owned her franchise for just over a year.

“After researching the company and its founders, I became even more intrigued by their culture and innovative thinking”, says Hernden.

Her role as a Private Sale Professional™ isn’t all that complicated and she doesn’t need a real estate licence. She meets with sellers, getting them geared up for their sale.

“We help them prepare for everything they’ll need to know about selling privately”, says Daina. calls this their Private Sale Consultation. It’s an important piece of the private sale puzzle. Franchise owners like Hernden also help organize sign placement, do the photography including virtual tours, prepare all the information for the web site and leaves behind “piece of mind” in the form of on-going support.

“People love working with us,” says Hernden. “I love turning sceptics into believers and believers into raving fans”. While she enjoys the love of an appreciative public, most local agents (115 of them to be exact) aren’t exactly racing to sign up for her fan club. You see last year alone Truro helped local sellers save an estimated 1.4 Million dollars in commission - definitely not bad for someone just getting started.

Daina says she was initially drawn to the franchise opportunity for three reasons: the relatively low cost of her initial investment, low overhead and the fact that her success would greatly depend on her individual effort. She wanted an opportunity that would let her bet on herself. That bet has begun to pay off - both for her and for her many customers.