Puroclean Franchisee - Deven Raval


Jun 04, 2014

After 20+ years in the Telecom business, Deven Raval wanted to do something for his family and for himself. As he began his journey to find a business, Deven knew what he was looking for. He wanted a business that had strong fundamentals, was not cash intensive, and had a strong cash flow. Deven wanted to find a business opportunity that was a need rather than a want for people. That’s when he found PuroClean, and decided to invest in their franchise system.

During Deven’s discovery process he found that Puroclean’s management team was not only open and transparent but also very thorough. “They really made sure that I really understood what it would take to succeed. Their approach was further reinforced by their intensive Technical and Business training followed by the mentoring program with an experienced franchisee – executing the theory that had been taught,” said, Deven Raval

Deven knows the insurance industry is today taking note of PuroClean for its Innovation in addressing old problems, achieved through tactical investments and a strategic vision by the HQ leadership team. “Puroclean may not be the sexiest business but it has longevity, strong business fundamentals and a great team to be part of!” says Gord Gamble, President of Puroclean

“What sets PuroClean apart is their focus on Co-operation and Collaboration amongst the Franchisees, with further support from the HQ team. You never feel alone, but part of a team that grows through its strength in numbers.” said Deven.

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