Quiznos Canada Franchisee - Dilbag Dhaliwal


Nov 11, 2010

Dilbag Dhaliwal has been a Quiznos Franchise Owner for over 6 years.  He and his wife, Ramneet, have successfully owned and operated two Quiznos restaurants in the East end of Toronto.  Both Dilbag and Ramneet have received management certification through Quiznos’ comprehensive training program. 

Through their hard work, drive for success, local store marketing initiatives, and the help of Quiznos’ Restaurant Support Centre, Dilbag and Ramneet have grown their business since the time they purchased their first restaurant in 2004 and their second shortly thereafter. 

Dilbag and Ramneet are strong advocates for the Quiznos brand and demonstrate a strong dedication to their restaurant and its customers.  As part of the Quiznos family, Dilbag and Ramneet are actively involved in Quiznos market meetings and have developed relationships within the franchisee community.

Having been Quiznos multi-unit owners before and having enjoyed the experience so much, in early 2010 Dilbag and Ramneet decided that it was time for them to expand their business in a new and exciting way.  Through ongoing discussions with the Quiznos Restaurant Support Centre, the perfect opportunity to best suit Dilbag and Ramneet’s expansion goals was found.  Dilbag and Ramneet are now on course to open another Quiznos in December 2010. 

Dilbag and Ramneet’s new restaurant is particularly interesting because it is a non-traditional location.  This new restaurant will be located within the convenience store of the Shell gas station at Markham Road and Ellesmere Road.  With limited square footage, the investment costs are significantly less than opening a traditional restaurant.  This location will offer a limited menu to customers featuring Quiznos’ best-selling items.  This restaurant will be supported with a remote “back of house” located at their existing restaurant just down the street.  Dilbag and Ramneet will be able to capitalize on the high traffic associated with gas station convenience stores. 

The convenience store customers will benefit from an opportunity to purchase a high quality meal from a Quiznos conveniently located at one of their regular “pit stops”.   The combination of quick service and convenience is surely to appeal to the vast amount of people who often do not have the time to visit a traditional restaurant and sit down for twenty minutes to eat their meal.

In anticipation of their upcoming opening, Dilbag and Ramneet are already planning to continue their expansion in 2011.  Their intentions are to open two additional non-traditional locations in eastern Toronto Shell gas station convenience stores.  With low initial investments, these satellite locations offer Dilbag and Ramneet an opportunity to incrementally increase profit while sticking to a business they knows and love.

Dilbag and Ramneet are fantastic restaurant operators who adhere to the Quiznos business model, and they are sure to experience continued success.  Quiznos looks forward to growing with Dilbag and Ramneet Dhaliwal, and other franchise owners just like them.