Real Canadian Property Management Franchisee – Carla Browne


Jan 29, 2015

“…at this point I feel that those whom I have spoken with from Real Canadian Property Management thus far in my new venture have been extremely helpful, and I know they have my best interests in mind. The systems and tools they have shown me, I feel can guarantee success and I look forward to a long, long working relationship with them. I also look forward to working with others that have joined the RPM family so we can build and learn from one another. Very excited about the opportunity!” ~Carla Browne, Franchise Owner {Real Canadian Property Management Professionals, Inc.} What attracted you to open a Real Canadian Property Management franchise?

Carla Browne: We were attracted to opening a RCPM office because we feel there is a need in Saskatchewan for a company that offers quality management for single property owners as well as multi-family homes. The processes, systems and support is what really made us look seriously at this franchise.

BTB: What tools and systems offered by Real Canadian Property Management do you find most helpful in your business?

CB: The use of a long-standing respected brand and their systems and technology allowing owners and tenants to be in touch with what is happening with their properties on their own time at any time! The support from head office on developing systems for our franchise has been phenomenal.

BTB: What immediate goals do you have for this new Real Canadian Property Management office?

CB: Our immediate goal is to be able to provide quality service in both the Regina and Saskatoon markets. We want our company to be different than most that are out there right now, and we want Regina and Saskatoon to know that they have another option. Our goals are fairly simple, to provide management for owners that will ensure properties are holding value, and provide a safe and clean home for tenants. We treat properties as if they are our own.

BTB: What is your professional background?

CB: I have over 20 years in the Real Estate industry, and many more for some of my partners. I know that Real Estate and Property Management go hand in hand. In the past we have had many inquiries for property management from our real estate company, and we have had to send the business to another company. Now I feel we have an option to service that need.

BTB: What inspired you to enter a career in property management?

CB: The need I see for it in our market, and also the fit for this business and real estate, although they are standalone businesses, and that is how we intend to operate them. We have always considered our real estate brokerage as a “full service brokerage” and that is how we intend our property management company to run as well.

BTB: What are the best qualities about the community you work in?

CB: The best qualities that our communities have are that they are fairly small in nature, and are full of great networking opportunities. It is hard to go anywhere without having a connection to someone, which is a real advantage when you are in business.

BTB: Where do you feel the local market is going in the next year?

CB: I feel that vacancy rates will continue to be very low in both Regina and Saskatoon. We are seeing a lot of new buildings which is promising, but with the number of immigrants we have coming to our province the rental business continues to grow. Housing inventories are high in both major markets in Saskatchewan. This gives us an opportunity for us to show homeowners they may want to consider turning their property into an investment. We have also brought on different and unique service options for people, such as snowbirds (those who need to watch over their property while they escape the cold Saskatchewan winter) and Tenant placement services for those who want to manage their property but need assistance with finding the perfect tenant.

BTB: What regions will you be focusing your services in?

CB: We will be focusing primarily in Regina and Saskatoon regions but are willing to look at opportunities throughout Saskatchewan.