Robert Dalcourt - Multi Menu Franchisee


Sep 18, 2013

During the summer of 2010 I was searching through franchise listings looking for a pet related business that I could easily run from my home. I searched a number of different pet related companies and service providers, and I always seemed to return to the Multi Menu franchise system. I chose this franchise because I would have the ability to manage growth of my franchisee company - large or small.

At the beginning of every business, I looked at how much will it cost to operate a business? How much staff will I need to maintain the company? How large do I want this company to get? And most importantly, how much can I expect to earn?

With an established Canadian Made product, competitive prices, great margins and low overhead, I knew Multi Menu, the home-based, mobile pet shop that gives customers over 6500 exclusive products was the right choice for me. I started with the idea of a small Franchise in my area then quickly realized that I could make a healthier living, by offering a free home delivery service to the pet owners on a larger scale.

To give you some background, there are literally hundreds of thousands of domestic pet owners in Canada. These numbers are growing very quickly in today’s economy, due to more individuals looking for companion animals to fill an “empty nest”, young families looking to focus on their careers and education rather than having children, and pet owners simply wanting a Canadian Made alternative to products manufactured in foreign countries.

In September 2010, I purchased the Master Franchise area of Simcoe County, Bracebridge and Parry Sound Ontario. During my first few months of business I again realized that there was an even higher demand for Multi Menu products and services than I had first thought. To my delight I noticed a very quick increase in sales and knew I had made the right choice....and never looked back!

While working closely with our corporate office in Laval Quebec, and their team of highly trained franchise developers I was able to grow the region very successfully. With the “new look” for Multi Menu Pet Foods, including new packaging, promotional items, new website/social media accounts and team building meetings with other Master Franchisees across Ontario and Canada, Multi Menu Pet Foods has become an even greater “force to reckon with” in the pet food and pet services industry.

Over the past 3, years I have built a strong team of Distributors and made great alliances with cat and dog Breeders, Groomers and other pet related groups, such as dog walkers, pet sitters, and animal nutritionists. With these great connections of like minded businesses, I have expanded my business further and larger than I had ever expected. I have been able to hire a secretary to manage my office and client follow-up and I have also expanded my client reach with the use of a local courier, and I anxiously await moving into a warehouse to expand my business even further.

The owners and staff at Multi Menu Pet Foods have all been there for me to help me grow the business that I have always wanted. For anyone that loves pets and wants a business that they can grow to the level that they want at the pace that they want, I would highly recommend becoming a member of the Multi Menu team.