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Multi Menu

  • Investment Level
    $10,000 - $25,000
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  • Industry
    Pets, Business Opportunities, Business For Women, Canadian Franchises, Franchises For Women, Home Based Businesses, Mobile Businesses, Mompreneur, Retail, Master Franchises
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Multi Menu Pet Foods has been Canada’s leading pet services franchise for over 20 years.  We offer our clients convenient and worry-free, FREE HOME DELIVERY.  All of Multi Menu’s 100% All Natural, High Quality, Canadian Made pet foods are Made with the finest ingredients, and are free of any animal by-products and chemical preservatives. Our home-based “Pet Store at Your Door” Franchisees can also offer their clients all the toys, treats and pet accessories, they are looking for with the advantage of not having a walk-in retail location.

Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

With FREE home delivery of all their pets needs including 22 exclusive recipes for cats and dogs, it’s no wonder we have so many happy clients. Multi Menu’s, clients buy directly from their local franchisee with no need to haul around heavy bags of kibble, nor do they need to take time out of their busy schedule to pick up their pet food and supplies. In addition to our trusted and reliable customer service, we stay competitive with lower pricing than most retail locations.

And did we mention we offer FREE DELIVERY?

The Benefits

With both full time and part timer opportunities
available at a low cost with an outstanding potential for a high profit margins, our franchisees can develop the business that suits their lifestyle, and their schedule.  Our franchisees benefit from exclusive territories, ongoing support, extensive training, inventory management and customer tracking software along with a start-up marketing program, to help them grow their business right from the start.

The Advantages

As we mentioned, Multi Menu has been serving the Canadian public for over 20 years.  Our team of sales and marketing professionals, companied with two decades of experience, our new team members have a wealth of knowledge that they can rely on, to help them develop quickly and efficiently. A home-based franchise with Multi menu allows you to take advantage of low overhead costs while maintaining above average profit margins.

The Market

Over half of households in Canada have at least one dog or cat, and that number is increasing every year. Combined, we as Canadians spend more than $6.5 Billion on our beloved pets’ year after year.   As the Canadian population gets older, and our younger generations are adding pets to their homes rather than having children, there has been a growing need for our time saving strategy.  FREE HOME DELIVERY from a trusted company is in high demand. 

Let us help you grow your business

Once you have become a proud member of our growing family, we take the time to ensure that your business is visible in your area by re-investing in your new territory.  Our Sales and Marketing Team will set aside 30% of your initial franchise fee, to market your new local business.  We will work with you to ensure that those funds are directed in a way that will ensure the highest impact in your territory.

Nationwide Opportunities

Multi Menu Pet Foods is growing rapidly, and we couldn’t be any happier.  We have established territories all across Canada, with room to grow much further.  There are several more open territories available for your exclusive Multi Menu Franchise.  We would be happy to explain what open areas we have in your community. 

Are you looking for more?

If becoming a franchisee sounds intriguing and you would like a larger area, perhaps becoming a Master Franchisee would suit you better.  As a Master Franchisee, you would have the ability to develop a Multi – Unit Territory.  This large scale territory, can be formed into smaller regions for you to develop a team of franchisees. 

Multi Menu has many opportunities in this program across the country.  Contact us today if this program piques your interest.