Simply For Life Franchisee - Steve Sweeney


Feb 19, 2014

Steve Sweeney firmly believes in “preach what you do”. To be a successful Simply for Life (SFL) franchisee, you need to believe in a healthy lifestyle and exercise – you need to make a priority of taking good care of your health. And Steve should know. He’s the very first SFL franchisee.

A former bank manager and now a trained Naturopah, Steve has always been involved in sports and for as long as he can remember, has been very health conscious. Even from an early age, he remembers his mother being conscious of eating in a healthy way.

“Simply for Life has evolved as a company. What started out as a few diet gurus helping people to lose weight has developed into a philosophy about establishing a healthy lifestyle. It’s more than weight loss - it’s about healing and controlling diseases such as crones, diabetes and more,” according to Steve.

“Some of our most successful franchisees have been through a journey of weight loss but not all of them. It is living the philosophy of healthy living that makes the perfect SFL franchisee.”

Steve is a unique franchisee at SFL. He is the brother of Bruce Sweeney, the founder and president of SFL. Steve opened his franchise in Dieppe, New Brunswick in 2004. “My brother is my mentor. I remember him telling me something, back in 2002, that resonates with me even today – he told me if I take care of my clients, I won’t have to worry about anything else,” said Steve.

Steve is well aware of the fact that he’s in business to make money but his number one priority is to put his clients first. He listens carefully and really cares about them. That’s what you need to do. That’s how we grow our business. It’s how Bruce grew his business, by giving every bit of attention to his clients.

It may sound cliché, but being honest and caring has greatly helped the success of Steve’s franchise. He believes that if you are passionate about people’s health, you’ll do whatever it takes to bring the message to them. Steve really cares about his clients but knows the key to a client’s success is that they have to care for themselves too! If you are honest, your clientele will be loyal.