Spray-Net Franchisee - Tommy Tremblay


Nov 26, 2014

At the age of 27, he will soon have a second Spray-Net franchise covering the southern sector of Quebec City, just a few months after acquiring his first franchise in this city where he was born. Tommy Tremblay clearly has the wind in his sails.

Although his college training was in welding and assembly, Tremblay chose a career in industrial painting, learning the rudiments of his profession in the family business. After trying in vain to acquire it, he decided in 2012 to open his own company, Peinture industrielle de la Capitale, specializing in doors and windows. While analyzing his competitors on the Internet in order to plan his own promotion, he came across Spray-Net, the Quebec leader in home beautification through the application of spray paint. "When I saw the power of Spray-Net’s marketing strategy, I knew right away that it would be better to work with them than against them!" laughs Tremblay. "So I contacted Carmelo Marsala and we had a very successful meeting."

Accustomed to going it alone, Tremblay had to change his view of entrepreneurship and franchises before joining the Spray-Net franchise team: "Frankly, I was not a big fan of franchises. I like to do things my way, but when I understood the benefits of being part of a team instead of starting from scratch, it was an easy decision. And as I had received a lot of requests in my company for residential work, without even advertising that service, I could see the tremendous potential of a Spray-Net franchise," explains the young entrepreneur, who in 2015 will have Spray-Net rights for the entire greater Quebec City region, from Lévis to Beauport.

Like all Spray-Net franchisees, Tremblay benefited from the advice of a mentor and the expertise of the Spray-Net team, in addition to weekly follow-up meetings with company president Carmelo Marsala. "I thought I knew everything, but I'm still learning a lot, on both the business and technical sides.'' At Spray-Net, they're always looking for ways to better serve their customers and it's a very stimulating environment," says Tremblay. The Spray-Net philosophy appears to be working for him. According to an independent survey firm, his franchise had a perfect score of 100% customer satisfaction on its more than 100 projects this year.