Steamatic - Niagara Franchisee, Jason Ciceran


Sep 04, 2020 :   What made you decide to own your own business instead of being an employee of a company?

Jason Ciceran:   It was a decision to maximize my income potential while being a leader in the restoration industry. Profit is a function of my hard work and experience. The Steamatic team across Canada makes ownership much easier, given their support and synergy with like minded independent operators.

. :    What made you choose Steamatic from the opportunities you looked at?

Jason Ciceran:    A Steamatic franchise is the only brand which you can work as a team while keeping your autonomy as an independent owner/ operator. The independent team members are heavily involved in decision making.

. :    Can you describe the support you have received/continue to receive from the Steamatic head office team as you got started and on an ongoing basis?

Jason Ciceran:    The Steamatic admin team are second to none. Head office is always there to help and take care of the administrative tasks which often burden owners. In particular, the training, KPI compliance program, and centralized billing with direct deposit have been a tremendous help. In addition, the amount of support as it relates to human resources has been most helpful. Again, the functions that owners don’t often have enough time to complete thoroughly. I.e. Employee manual, code of conduct, drug and alcohol policy, harassment in the workplace, dispute settlement protocol etc. These documents and agreements are crucial to be compliant with government agencies like the Ministry Of Labour.

. :    What do you like best about this business?

Jason Ciceran:    The professional freedom and the reward of profit and prosperity!

. :    Has business ownership held any surprises for you?

Jason Ciceran:    The most overwhelming surprise was the amount of administrative tasks. I often felt buried in government paperwork and insurance company paperwork. The Steamatic head office takes care of all of these often time consuming duties, leaving the owners to do what they do best.

. :    Has it met or surpassed your expectations, and if so, in what way has it done so?

Jason Ciceran:    The amount of dialogue and KPI correspondence with various insurance companies is amazing. It seems that Nancy and Pat are in meetings nearly every day with insurance companies promoting the Steamatic brand. Steamatic’s success can only continue if the individual members are successful, and it is obvious in the relentless marketing efforts.

. :    Describe what an ‘average’ day is like for you as a business owner?

Jason Ciceran:    The is no such thing as an average day. Ever day is different and unique. This, I suppose, is why I love the industry so much. Its challenging, fun and dynamic!

. :    What are the biggest advantages that Steamatic gives you in your business?

Jason Ciceran:    The biggest advantage moving forward is the fact that Steamatic is a national brand. This is the trend for vendor management and procurement with nearly all insurance companies. Our strength in numbers and geographical coverage will ensure we are involved in all future RFP’s, nationwide and regionally.