PERMA-DRY® Franchisee - Stuart Hall


Aug 21, 2012

Recently emigrating from England to Barrie, ON, Stuart Hall knew he wanted to own his own business, but he didn’t want to own an independent automotive repair & service business like he had done in England for the past twenty years; he wanted to be part of a brand.

After a lot of research, Stuart soon realized that acquiring a franchise license was his best option to be part of a brand. His research showed that the success rate of a franchise location was far higher than that of an independent location. He also discovered that being part of the brand meant that he would have instant recognition in the marketplace. Furthermore, he wouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel; all he had to do was implement the Brand’s wheel; a proven operating system that would allow him to get up and operating much, much sooner. He also knew that when he was ready to retire, he would be able to unlock much more equity through a sale of his business if it were part of a brand than if it were independent.

Stuart researched and investigated many auto repair franchise opportunities. He though that it would be a natural fit, seeing as he had 20 years of experience in the industry. But when he really got thinking about what he wanted out of life, in terms of income, lifestyle, wealth and equity creation and debt elimination, he realized that he really didn’t want to be in the auto repair business. He didn’t like the high start-up costs and overhead of opening a auto service franchise. He also didn’t want to be tied down to a retail location that he would have to open and close every day, he didn’t want to work every weekend; he wanted flexibility and control of his schedule.

After thumbing through Franchise Canada magazine looking for opportunities, Stuart came across a franchise opportunity ad for PERMA-DRY®. He thought “what a great business! I know a lot of people that have a leaky basement!” and immediately went online to check out the opportunity. Stuart liked what he saw and fired off an email to PERMA-DRY® seeking more information.

After much research and due diligence, Stuart decided that the PERMA-DRY® Franchise Opportunity would be the best way for him to achieve his goals. He liked the low overhead and low entry of the PERMA-DRY® opportunity. He really liked the flexibility of schedule because with PERMA-DRY® there are no retail locations; PERMA-DRY® goes to the customer. He could plan work around his family life or as much as he could when business was brisk. He also calculated that he could exceed his income, lifestyle, wealth and equity generation and debt elimination goals with a PERMA-DRY® franchise.

Now about to finish his first year in business, Stuart met his first year sales targets three quarters (nine months) in! “I never would have dreamed that we would have the opportunity to beat our projections by 1/3rd!” Hall says. “It’s been an amazing experience and a lot of hard work, but the training, the education, the marketing and technical support provided together with a clear mission and vision allowed this to happen.” He goes on to say “We’re a lot more than just a waterproofing company…yeah, we’ve got great waterproofing solutions, but they really have the brand dynamics, the philosophies down . Our Customer-Centric approach really separates us from the competition.”

“Stuart’s drive, strong work ethic and determination have certainly allowed him to succeed. “ says PERMA-DRY® Chief Operating Officer, Danny Cole “He’s done a great job of implementing our operating system and really gets what we’re all about…our customers”.