TaxAssist Accountants U.K. Franchisee - David Dixon


Sep 17, 2014

David Dixon is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and prior to joining TaxAssist Accountants he worked for many years in the small business sector, primarily in the car dealership industry, as well as some time spent in the Stock Exchange.

David joined TaxAssist Accountants in 2002, and is currently a multiple-unit franchisee having opened 4 storefront locations since that time. He employes five full-time accountants and an administrator between the 4 locations, having understood the value of employing people to work “in” the business while he works “on” growing the business.

As his business has grown, he’s continued to make use of the training and support offered from the Norwich-based Support Centre of TaxAssist Accountants in the U.K. He feels TaxAssist Accountants have provided him with a comprehensive training package that included a six-week course that focused on all aspects of running a business. The training taught him new approaches to accounting while reinforcing what he already knew. It gave him the confidence he needed to be able to bring success to the business - refocusing his existing skills to ensure he had a full understanding of the TaxAssist Accountants’ model.

David explains he was initially attracted to TaxAssist Accountants franchise opportunity because of the significant support provided, and because he saw value in the entire package being offered. He feels that since launching the business in 2002, the support he’s received from TaxAssist Accountants in the U.K. has only improved, as the team are dedicated to the franchisee network, and their advice and guidance is very clear, to the point and very helpful.