Eddy Hassan - Thai Express Franchisee


Sep 11, 2013

BeTheBoss: Tell us about Thai Express?

Based on my experience, Thai Express is a very respectable franchise; It offers great food with a fresh atmosphere and is a brand that is suitable to all ages and tastes.

BeTheBoss: Tell us about your background and experience.

Previously, I was a multi-unit franchisee for Subway restaurants. I decided to sell my businesses in order to start a new adventure with the MTY Group and Thai Express.

BeTheBoss: What attracted you to the Thai Express franchise?

What really attracted me to Thai Express are its low food costs and franchise fees as well as its reasonable royalty fees. After doing my research and performing calculations on profitability, I was very impressed with the profit margin that could be realized thanks to lower fees. The great product is also what I found really attractive plus there is so much potential to attract new clientele. This franchise is growing every day.

BeTheBoss: What kind of support did you receive from Thai Express to help you get started?

I truly appreciate the support I received from head office. When I opened my first location, we were pleasantly surprised by the amazing response from the residents of the city. It was extremely busy so it was very hard for a new franchises with no experience with the brand to keep up but the Thai Express representatives where there from the first day and did not leave us till they made sure we were completely trained and fully capable of managing large amounts of clients at a time (even if it took twice the time dedicated that it usually takes to get up to speed). The Thai Express team was there for us from day one and continues to support us to the present day; they are always there every time we need them.

BeTheBoss: Why did you franchise a second Thai Express store? (if applicable)

The beauty about operating a Thai Express is that every time we open a new location, I meet new clients and they tell me it’s the first time they try Thai Express. Once they try it, they always come back for more.

Secondly the brand is growing and doing well so I foresaw minimal risk in opening a new location.

Third of all, as I stated previously, the Thai Express is always available to support us when we need them.

BeTheBoss: Name three of your favourite things about your Thai Express experience.

The one thing I love about operating a Thai Express is that the profit ratio is extremely high compared to other franchises based on my experience. Second of all, there is so much potential of growth, it’s incredible; Clients love the food and we get a good mix of old and new customers. It’s difficult to find any other franchise able to provide you with the right mix of profit, service and potential for a bright future.

BeTheBoss: What does Thai Express offer that its competition can’t?

Personally, I love the process of opening a new location and seeing a client’s face when they try our food for the first time. The look of surprise on their face and hearing some of their comments means a lot to me knowing that I have introduced them to this great brand.

BeTheBoss: Is there anything special about a Thai Express customer?

As a franchisee, I not only appreciate the support that Thai Express has provided from the beginning, I also appreciate the support from the clients I have introduced to our food. Once they discover Thai Express, customers become very loyal and love their favourites. They don’t mind waiting in line because they know it will go by quickly and they get to choose a meal that is cooked fresh before their eyes and customized to their tastes since they get to choose their preferred dish, protein and spiciness.

BeTheBoss: What advice would you offer a potential Thai Express franchisee?

When facing the process of opening my first location, like any entrepreneur, I feared the uncertainty in investing in something that I was unfamiliar with and unsure it would work. Today, I laugh to myself every time I reminisce about the first day I opened a Thai Express and the numbers we did. The results were incredible and now I know that being with the Thai Express banner under the MTY Group, I’m not taking a risk; I’m making a sound investment.