The Lunch Lady Franchise Opportunity - Franchisee, Amin Himani


Jan 15, 2015

Amin Himani has been a busy Hot Lunch Guy now for nearly 8 years serving hot lunches to schools in the Kitchener and Waterloo, Ontario area. He has a robust, thriving business providing lunch service to over 30 schools and a healthy snack program to many others.

BeTheBoss: What was your professional experience before becoming a franchisee?

Amin Himani: Before becoming a franchisee and coming to Canada I owned several different businesses in the United States. My experience was with gas service stations and convenience stores as well as with mobile carrier services. When I came to Canada I knew I wanted to use my business experience but also I was looking for professional and financial security.

BeTheBoss: What made you decide that a franchise would be a good fit for you?

AH:As a new immigrant to this country, I wanted to secure my investment with a proven and successful model. I wanted to make sure I had a dedicated support system to guide me because I didn’t know enough about Canada and the City of Kitchener was a new community for me. I really liked the idea of having my own business but did not want to work long hours seven days a week. The Lunch Lady franchise offered a more flexible work schedule that allowed me to start a family and spend time with them.

BTB: Did you look at other franchise opportunities before The Lunch Lady?

AH: I attended a few business and franchise shows. Most of them required a heavy financial investment or wanted Canadian experience. I knew I preferred something in the service or retail sector but I wanted to be a hands on operator. I was also looking for a unique business, a different model.

BTB: What made you move forward and become a franchisee?

AH: I found out about The Lunch Lady because I worked with the husband of a Lunch Lady. The husband was leaving his job to help his wife with her business. Things were busy, she was doing well financially and she wanted him to join her. After visiting with them and asking a lot of questions I was 50% convinced that becoming a Lunch Lady franchisee was the right choice. The other 50% came after a few meetings with different members of The Lunch Lady team. I liked what I saw and felt confident…this closed the deal!

BTB: Are you a happy Hot Lunch Guy?

AH: Like any other small business or franchise, a lot of attention and work is required. I believe that especially in the food industry you need to be on top of many areas of your business. I really appreciate all the support I get from Lunch Lady Head Office on daily basis. Also the hours are perfect! I made the decision not to work during the summer so that I can enjoy time with my family and travel around the country and abroad. This makes me very happy!