Tidbits Canada Franchisee - Brad Mckee


Nov 27, 2013

It's been almost 4 years since I started my Tidbits Paper in the Shuswap and almost 3 years of being completely self employed. In 2010 I had a Monday to Friday job and like most jobs I’ve had over the years I was happy with it, but needed a change. For 25 years I worked for "the man" and realized I somehow needed to "become the man". I never imagined it being the Tidbits MAN, but that’s how it all ended up.

When the Tidbits franchise was introduced to me I knew right away it was what I wanted to do. Although very new to Canada there were over 200 franchises in the USA and I recognized the potential. The market is slowing for large, high overhead "news" papers but people still want something to put in their hands. Tidbits is the perfect replacement and for now a compliment to those papers. Our paper has no bad news, no political viewpoints, only fun, family friendly content with great articles. It is a unique option for businesses to gain added exposure for a reasonable price within their community.

Tidbits provides the base and fill to launch your paper in your community but each owner has the ability to add personal touches like community events, classifieds, real estate, pet sections etc.. Some papers are 16, 20 even a 32 page paper in one city. Tidbits can grow as fast or as slow as you want it to.

Some people might be worried they need publishing or editing experience but that's not the case. Tidbits provides each franchisee with training as well as continued support and is always there to help. In fact other franchisees will share their ideas with each other to help with the overall success of Tidbits in North America. If you are friendly, have a little sales experience and want to work for yourself rather than a boss I would recommend Tidbits 100%!