Vera's Burger Shack Franchisee - Victor Chawla


Jan 22, 2015

BeTheBoss: Why did you choose to join Vera’s Burger Shack? What drew you to the Franchise?

Victor Chawla: I got the opportunity to own this franchise on Feb 13, 2013. The Vera’s Burger Shack franchise has grown a lot over the years. That strong growth was attractive to me. Also, it has consistently won Best Burger Awards in all the readership polls in the local newspapers. That gave us a lot of confidence in the brand. I had six years of experience in the food industry and I wanted to take that experience and build on it. Vera's gave me the great opportunity I was looking for to advance my career in the food industry.

BTB: Tell us about the support you received from Vera’s Burger Shack franchise.

VC: Vera's Head office has given us a huge amount of support from the start - this was very important as I was new to this franchise. The professional training we received in our store was a real eye opener for me. It gave us a chance to learn on the job, actually working in the kitchen. They helped me develop my management skills and taught me tools and techniques to deliver a world-class burger experience to all our guests.

BTB: What advice or resources have been the most helpful so far?

VC: Vera’s Burger Shack have been great in helping us advertise locally in newspapers and across social media channels, and also in developing a relationship with professional and local sports teams. They have a real knack for raising the awareness of the brand and keeping us top of mind across a broad range of potential guests. Anytime we had any questions, there were always skilled, qualified and experienced people available from Head Office to help us run our business smoothly.

BTB: How is Vera’s Burger Shack franchise different than other burger chains?

VC: Vera’s fresh burgers, fries and shakes get people talking and it continues to gain in popularity through word of mouth. The loyalty of our customers is different than for other franchises. There is something about our franchise system, brand and food that customers love and keeps them coming back for more.

BTB: What do you hope to accomplish as a Vera’s Burger Shack franchisee?

VC: Vera’s restaurants in the future and building a large business operation. I am confident that Vera’s Burger Shack is the place to make that happen.

BTB: What advice would you offer someone considering becoming a Vera’s franchisee?

VC: If you are a high calibre, passionate business person willing to work hard with the desire to go far in the food industry, then Vera’s Burger Shack can give you the opportunities necessary to turn your dream into reality.