Jugo Juice Franchisee - Vicki Nguyen


Jul 31, 2013

BeTheBoss: Tell us about Jugo Juice?

Jugo Juice is a franchised business that was started in Calgary back in 1998. It’s a company that focuses on healthy living by offering smoothies, fresh juices, wraps and flatbreads.

BeTheBoss: Tell us about your background and experience.

I have a Bachelor in Finance. Before Jugo Juice, I was a financial advisor at TD Canada Trust. Prior to that, I had over 6 years of experience in retail and customer service.

BeTheBoss: What attracted you to the Jugo Juice franchise?

My husband and I wanted to own a business that was easy to manage and had products that we love. We saw the trend of people wanting a healthier lifestyle and thought Jugo Juice would be the perfect opportunity.

BeTheBoss: What kind of support did you receive from Jugo Juice to help you get started?

We received so much support when we first got started. They were really focused on helping us become successful and assisted us to ensure that.

BeTheBoss: Why did you franchise a second Jugo Juice store? (if applicable)

We saw the opportunity for a second store in a great location and we just couldn’t pass it up. It’s a really simple business to run once you become familiar with it.

BeTheBoss: Name three of your favourite things about your Jugo Juice experience.

    1. Amazing product

    2. Easy to manage

    3. Great customers

BeTheBoss: What does Jugo Juice offer that its competition can’t?

Our smoothies are 100% sorbet free. We don’t use emulsifiers or fillers to thicken our smoothies.

BeTheBoss: Is there anything special about a Jugo Juice customer?

All Jugo Juice customers are great in their own way. They strive on receiving quality product and that is what we offer them.

BeTheBoss: What advice would you offer a potential Jugo Juice franchisee?

Get to know your customers because that is your foundation for a successful business.