Villa Madina Franchise Franchisee - Avi Verk


Aug 06, 2014

BeTheBoss: Tell us about the Villa Madina franchise opportunity.

AV: Villa Madina has been serving healthy Mediterranean cuisine to customer across Canada since 2002.
The Villa Madina business franchise is rapidly growing because if its popularity and high demand. The great thing about Villa Madina franchise is that it appeals to all customers from various ethnic backgrounds.

BTB: Tell us about your business background and experience.

AV: I had previously owned a fast food sandwich shop for over 7 years. After gaining much experience, I wanted to expand to a different type of cuisine. After gaining much experience and confidence, I obtained the Villa Madina franchise in 2013. I take great pride in owning and running my own restaurant.

BTB: What attracted you to the Villa Madina franchise business?

AV: I was a frequent customer of the Villa Madina Restaurant and I really liked the concept of fresh, rotisserie meat made right in front of me. When I did some more research, I realized this was a food franchise that I would enjoy being a part of. I wanted to serve my customers food that I really loved as well!

BTB: What kind of support did you receive from Villa Madina franchise to help you get started?

AV: Even though I had experience in restaurant franchising, the concept was very different. From day one of signing the papers I’ve had excellent support from head office every step of the way. I was given extensive in-store and office training to make sure I was prepared for the grand opening and everyday operations. I also have an operations manager that is always available for questions or any other kind of assistance.

BTB: Name three of your favourite things about your Villa Madina franchise experience.

AV: To answer this question I would like to refer to the name of the website, Be the boss, that’s my motto. I am able to run my own restaurant franchise and have a team that helps me along the way. I love meeting new people and being able to have a meaningful relationship with my customers. I like to listen to customers’ suggestions, compliments, and complaints to make sure they are always pleased.

BTB: What does the Villa Madina franchise business offer that its competition can’t?

AV: At Villa Madina restaurants we provide our customer with an exceptional dining experience. Our passion is in the food we serve. Villa Madina is known for its high quality, authentic Mediterranean dishes. We ensure that our restaurant serves great tasting food in generous portions because that is what makes us the fastest growing, Mediterranean fast-food chain.

BTB: Is there anything special about a Villa Madina franchise customer?

AV: Our customers expect consistency, whether they are at a location in Ontario or Alberta, they want to receive the same product and service. We have a great variety of menu items so customers have a lot to choose from, they never get bored. What I’ve learned over the years is that if you treat your customers right they always come back for more!

BTB: What advice would you offer a potential Villa Madina franchise business owner?

AV: My advice to any potential Villa Madina franchisees would to understand your customers’ needs. Be consistent in your operations and remember that the head office is always there to support you.

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