What A Bagel Franchisee - Seth, Toronto, ON


Feb 18, 2022

BeTheBoss.ca:  What made you choose What A Bagel from all the franchise opportunities you looked at?

Seth:  I grew up on What A Bagel. I needed to choose a brand that I felt a personal connection towards, as passion is a necessary ingredient for any franchisee.


BeTheBoss.ca:   Can you describe the support you got from the What A Bagel head office team as you got started?

Seth:   What A Bagel provided to us all the ins and outs of setting up a store. What A Bagel was with us every step of the way ensuring we had a fair lease, a competent general contractor and working equipment for a successful opening.


BeTheBoss.ca:   What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

Seth:   Patience, dedication, open mindedness, adaptation are a few words that come to mind when considering my keys to success.


BeTheBoss.ca:   Describe the most rewarding part of owning your business?

Seth:   It is truly a privilege to employ others. My staff are my business and I care for them like family. Mentoring young people into professionals is something I will never get tired of.


BeTheBoss.ca:   What are your goals going forward?

Seth:   What A Bagel is an excellent family-oriented brand that brings joy and comfort in the best and worst times in life and all that happens in between. I hope to be able to spread the positive energy and tasty eats to as many people as possible.


BeTheBoss.ca:   What goals did you have when you joined What A Bagel?

Seth:   My goal is for everything part of What A Bagel to grow and continue to be successful. I enjoy not only developing my own location, but also What A Bagel as a brand and place where people feel like they are dining at their own breakfast table – but being served.


BeTheBoss.ca:   What advice would you give to a potential franchisee?

Seth:   Know the job before you begin – spend time with existing franchise partners to understand the commitment of running your own business.


BeTheBoss.ca:   What are the biggest advantages that What A Bagel gives you in your business?

Seth:   What A Bagel takes great advantage of their buying power. We pay less for commodity products because of the deals What A Bagel negotiates on our behalf. What A Bagel also was the right kind of backing we needed to get an outstanding lease and bank loans to develop a long-term, successful business.


BeTheBoss.ca:   How does What A Bagel help you to differentiate yourself from your competition?

Seth:   What A Bagel has become a household brand. Before we opened, the local Facebook group was going bananas over the excitement of a new What A Bagel opening in the neighbourhood. The team at What A Bagel has created for themselves a space in your pantry and a shelf in your refrigerator.  All we have to do as franchisees is provide an excellent fresh product in a modern clean environment by warm welcoming staff – thanks What A Bagel!