InXpress Franchise Opportunity- Franchisee, Darren Smith

Date: APR 16th, 2015

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee

InXpress Canada is on Fire!

My name is Darren Smith and I deliver the goods!
Oh how we Love to build lasting friendships with our new and existing customers.
Our "People above Profit" business model is a throwback, but we like it!
Oh, and so do our customers! It is our desire to LISTEN to our customers’ needs and
wants then develop systems catered to them. Providing preferred pricing is the easy
part, putting time back in peoples day is our gift.

Partnered with DHL Express globally we are well positioned to continue leading
Canada with World Class Shipping Solutions. As an added bonus we have formed
solid partnerships with LTL/TL companies throughout North America.

The above 2 paragraphs is where we are now, after only 12 months of building
our business from our first payables of $6.87, to a monthly residual growth of
$1000 Gross Margin with next to no overhead, 85 best friends who we call our
business partners, and a 99% customer retention rate, we are having a lot of fun
while giving all the glory to God, and my Incredible Wife and Children!

In March of 2014 I was looking for a business opportunity with little or no
overhead, minimal investment, and doing what I love to do, which is working with
people, oh, I almost forgot, residual income. The other thing which was important
was Integrity, the InXpress family definitely needed to show me this. This day and
age there are so many people in the business world, looking to make a quick buck
at the expense of others. My life cries for integrity, this is how I Live and need my
business to be. It was and still is my belief, the InXpress family carries this very
same value.

After 10 years of management while being stuck in an office, babysitting
employees, lining the pockets of others while working towards my CPP Pension
Plan, it was time to jump off a cliff and go for it!

Personally I Love to cold call and meet fellow small-mid size business owners,
while at the same time being outside, walking in the fresh air as I meet new
friends who just like me, are looking to increase their bottom line. Anyone who
calls me considering an InXpress franchise MUST have this passion. When you can
walk in a business and offer Express Air and Freight Rates, which quite frankly will
smoke the competition, let me tell you, people want to talk to you! One of the
coolest things is our business is so transferable, resulting in minimal up front
knowledge for new franchisees , enabling them to jump right in after their initial
training, building revenue while learning at a comfortable pace. You see, as you
bring new customers onboard, 99% of them are already doing the very services
which you are offering, really, the only thing changing is the color of the
truck/plane and their account rep. , as a result they are knowledgeable in the
process already, enabling you to quickly begin cashflowing.

Being partnered with the largest carrier in the world DHL Express, certainly
makes our service offering very popular. DHL has approximately 44% Global
Market share with only 6% in Canada. In my eyes I seen nothing but opportunity
with this statistic, DHL wants Canada and so does InXpress, and let me tell you,
we’re doing it!

My family wants freedom and so do I!
Do you?
My name is Darren Smith and I have delivered the Goods!