Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Franchisees - Sheryl and Irv Bielas


Date: JAN 25th, 2011

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee

Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt was recently awarded 1st place in Restaurant Business Magazine’s annual “Future 50” list, ranking it the fastest-growing franchise in the U.S. restaurant industry. Customers love Menchie’s, in all seasons, and that success has allowed Menchie’s to expand into Canada as well as other International markets.

The North American frozen yogurt industry is expected to double to more than $3 billion in the next five years with the help of Menchie’s unique self serve model. While other frozen yogurt chains have set sizes and prices, and charge for additional toppings, the self-serve model puts the customer in spend as much or as little as they want.

Menchie’s customers help themselves to a selection of over 100 flavours of rotating non-fat frozen yogurt and over 50 different toppings, including fresh fruit, granola, candies and syrups. After crafting the perfect combination, the creation is weighed and paid for by the ounce.

Menchie’s uses the highest quality of yogurt with live and active cultures as endorsed by the U.S. National Yogurt Association. “The yogurt sold in the Canadian stores is all produced by a Canadian dairy to our exacting standards” stated Michael Shneer, President of Yogurtworld Franchising Corporation, Master Franchisor of Menchie’s in Canada.

Shneer added “in addition to all our yogurt being kosher, we also offer dairy-free, no sugar added and reduced calorie options as well”. Unlike ice cream shops, Menchie’s average customer returns 2-3 times per week because the yogurt is not only delicious, but fat-free as well. Shneer stated “I love the fact that we’re offering a healthy product, and that it puts the customer in control of the whole experience.”

The first franchise in Canada was opened in September 2010 in Vaughan Ontario by Sheryl and Irv Bielas. Bielas stated “Our store has been so busy from the day we opened. We have also been delighted to see that even on freezing winter nights or during snow storms, our stores are still packed with customers. Our stores have become a place that people of all ages love to come to in order to hang out and have fun, even in winter”. 

Bielas first learned about Menchie’s from her daughter , who called after visiting a Menchie’s in Los Angeles. “When we went out to L.A. to see a Menchie’s store, we instantly understood why Menchie’s was so busy and such a favourite with famous celebrities” said Bielas.

Menchie’s does not have any of the fryers, ovens, grills or grease that are normally associated with most “restaurants”. If one wanted to be in the food industry, this is as easy an operation that one could hope for. Shneer stated “it’s easy and fast for our franchisees to train new staff, and as a result of our relatively easy operating procedures, we are able to maintain consistently high standards in all the stores”.

Menchie’s is a great franchise opportunity because Menchie’s is fast becoming the industry leader in a huge and rapidly growing industry. The product appeals to all socio-economic groups and ages. It also plays favourably to universal health concerns and health trends.

Lastly, because the price point is so low, the business can be considered recession resistant.