Interview with Bill Redfern CEO of A Buyers Choice Home Inspections


Jan 18, 2010

Bill Redfern has been CEO, Chairman and Director of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections since it’s inception. In his capacity as CEO, Bill sets the direction and design of the franchise. Prior to forming A Buyer’s Choice Bill was involved as an owner and Director of a successful Property Management business and also as a Realtor/Broker in Eastern Canada.

BeTheBoss - What is the story behind the founding on ABCHI?

Bill Redfern - Having been in the Real Estate industry for a number of years I saw a real need for a more professional approach to the Home Inspection industry so that Realtors and buyers and sellers could all benefit from the experience.

BTB - Tell us about the home inspection industry?

BR - In today’s Real Estate market over 95% of transactions require a home inspection and across Canada there is an increasingly high standard of qualification being required in order for a home inspector to being officially Certified in each province.

BTB - What kind of training does ABCHI offer its franchisees?

BR - We offer the highest standard of training available in the industry. A franchisee is required to take over 400 hours of courses and exams and then attend a 2 week ‘boot camp’ in our Halifax head office. The ‘boot camp’ consists of 1 week of in class marketing and learning how to use our proprietary inspection software and 1 week of actual inspection training in the field. We pride ourselves as the only company in the industry to take trainees on ‘live’ customer inspections. Upon successful completion of the at home and ‘boot camp’ training our franchisees are Certified to inspect homes anywhere in North America.

BTB - A Buyer’s Choice is on target to have over 100 franchisees in Canada by the 1st qtr of 2010, and quickly attracting attention in the US market, just 2 ½ years after selling your 1st franchise how have you been so successful?

BR - We took the time to build a solid and efficient business model, utilizing a Master franchise system which provides national marketing efforts and direct local support in every market across Canada. Our Master franchisees work very closely with every unit franchise owner locally to reach the required milestones to building an outstanding business.

BTB - What are your plans to expand outside of Canada?

BR - We currently have several Master franchises starting in Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Louisiana, with several more states coming on line early 2010. Immediate objectives are to continue the US sales push. We are establishing a training center in Florida to accommodate the US market. As we develop the US market we will be introducing the initial oversees franchisees as well.

BTB - What do your franchisees like about ABCHI as a franchisor and the home inspection business?

BR - Our franchisees enjoy the success and premium brand in the industry status we are developing together. Where they fully understand how crucial their roles are, that they matter and are a part of something much larger than themselves. As a franchisor we strive to provide leading edge outstanding support building very profitable businesses. We are a results driven organization. Franchisees state they enjoy the freedom of self employment, relationships with colleagues as well as the company interaction.

BTB - What type of person would make a good franchise owner with ABCHI?

BF - We are looking for people from virtually any background as we provide full and complete training. People who have a desire to control their destiny and wish to ‘Be their own Boss’ in a very fast growing industry. This business is a fantastic opportunity for women, people in career transitions, downsized, first career choice, etc.

BTB - Why should someone select the home inspection business versus another type of franchise?

BR - We offer:

  • a proven business model,
  • complete training leading to full certification across North America,
  • ongoing support,
  • home based business, so low overheads,
  • low start up cost,
  • potential to make an excellent income.

What more could you ask for when starting a new business?