Aladdin Doors CEO


Jun 05, 2017  What’s the story behind Aladdin Doors®?

AA:  In 2004, my brother and I opened Action Doors, Inc.  Later in 2013, we changed the name to Aladdin Doors® and formed Aladdin Doors® Franchising, Inc. Soon after, we awarded the first franchise in January 2014.  Our passion to treat customers with honesty and respect through service excellence and quality products has always been our number one goal.  

Our unique branding of “Garage Doors That Open Like Magic” was actually inspired by our customers’ amazement of how much quieter their door was after our service call. In fact, it was almost “like magic”! So just like the Disney character Aladdin, “magic” was born. As a franchisee with Aladdin Doors, you can be your own genie … no magic lamp required!  


BTB:  What made you decide to franchise?

AA:  After many successful years in the garage door business, we discovered there was a demand for professional garage door service. Residential and commercial property owners with garages weren’t equipped for DIY service, especially for doors with excessive usage. When we further researched the industry, we learned there were not many garage door franchisors in the US and Canada. In fact, there was only one at the time. What an opportunity! Our vision to be a national leader in the garage door franchise arena being in 50 states and Canada quickly became a reality.


BTB:  What was your background prior to forming the company?

AA:  With a background managing several McDonald's Restaurants, I had the knowledge and in-depth experience to start franchising Aladdin Doors®. After building a small garage door repair business into a successful, profitable, corporate company in two major markets, we put our management team of 100+ years of combined experience to work and established our own franchise program. The first franchise opened in 2014. 


BTB:  Tell us a little about the garage door market?

AA:  People that have a car most likely have a garage. Since many people continue to re-invest in their homes by making improvements or upgrading their curb appeal, the garage door market is excellent. It breaks down to 40% garage door sales and replacements, and 60% repairs and service, representing a constant flow of revenue for our franchisees. 


BTB:  What have some of the challenges been in growing your franchise?

AA:  If I were to choose just one, it would be finding individuals who are looking for an investment opportunity. This is a startup franchise, rather than a conversion of an existing business. It can begin as a home-based business that can grow very quickly. We are looking for people who can see that vision.


BTB:  What has been your greatest inspiration?

AA:  It’s been exciting to watch franchise owners grow their business, specifically in the first and second year. When they succeed, we all succeed. Seeing our vision become a reality as the number one leader in the garage door industry throughout the U.S and Canada is definitely motivational.


BTB:  What are some of the advantages in being an Aladdin Doors® franchisee?

AA:  Franchise owners receive in-depth training installing and servicing garage doors. We focus on strong, initial marketing and advertising strategies to help franchise owners get off to a good start. Studies show that 90% of franchisees stay in business 5 years later, while it’s just the opposite with an individual startup company.


BTB:  What differentiates Aladdin Doors® from its competitors?

AA:  Help is always available. We listen to our franchisees:  they are our eyes and ears. We provide ongoing training and support, effective marketing tactics, state-of-the art software, scheduled franchise meetings and teach them how to grow their revenue. This is what differentiates us from our competitors.


BTB:  What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a franchise?

AA:  Research the industry and identify your market and its competition. For an Aladdin Doors® franchise, ask current owners questions like:  Why did you choose Aladdin Doors®? What does your “day in the life of an Aladdin Doors® franchise owner” look like? How many territories did you purchase? What has been your return on investment?  Then ask yourself: are you looking to be your own boss in a local service-driven industry that can start as a home-based business and grow into something larger by adding people and more vehicles?


BTB:  In your opinion, why do you think that Aladdin Doors® would be a great opportunity?

AA:  Aladdin Doors is …

1.    A leader in the market. We have out outgrown our competitors 5 to 1 in the last two years.

2.    A franchise with great curb appeal. “The garage door is the new front door”.

3.    Offers a low cost entry so you’re off to a fast start.

4.    Gives you a high return on investment, especially important when starting your own franchise.

5.    Always here to support you, from corporate to franchise owners. Many of our franchisees have developed strong relationships and camaraderie between each other.