Aussie Pet Mobile - CEO, Richard Avis


Mar 02, 2010

Richard Avis is the CEO & President of Aussie Pet Mobile Canada. He has owned and operated a number of franchise systems in Australia in the capacity of franchisor spanning more than 20 years. He was Co-Founder of the Retail Management Group whose primary activity was Franchise Consultancy & Franchise Management. Mr. Avis was awarded the Master Rights for Aussie Pet Mobile Canada in May 2009 establishing its corporate headquarters in downtown Vancouver BC shortly thereafter. Richard states “Aussie Pet Mobile is one of the foremost and prestigious Home Based franchise organizations. It is continually ranked as the World’s #1 Pet Service Franchise. Aussie ticks all the boxes one must tick when purchasing a new business, I encourage you to take the time to fully understand the Aussie Franchise opportunity and look forward to having you become part of the Aussie Team!”

BeTheBoss - What is the Aussie Pet Mobile franchise opportunity all about?

Richard Avis - Aussie Pet Mobile is a Premium Pet Service franchise providing a ‘we-come-to-you’ grooming service for our Clients loved pets. This Home Based franchise system is well suited to the entrepreneurial minded individual who is looking to manage a business that is recession-resistant, has low overheads and is extremely scalable.

BTB - Who is your ideal candidate for an Aussie Pet Mobile franchise?

RA - The Aussie Pet Mobile model is well suited to the entrepreneurial minded business owner who:

  • Wants flexibility in their lifestyle
  • Wants to be part of a proven, growing, dynamic system
  • Has strong communication & people skills
  • Desires to build a scalable business
  • Has a drive for success & importantly, enjoys having fun
  • Seeks financial independence

BTB - What type of training and support do you offer Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise Owners?

RA - At Aussie we provide our Franchise Owners with the training they need to be successful. We have a full Managerial Training course as well as providing ongoing coaching and training on a one on one basis. Groomers appointed by the Franchise Owner undergo the Aussie Groomers Training program to ensure they are confident and fully versed in all aspects of Grooming, Client Management and being a spokesperson for the franchised operation within the community. Our Franchise Owners benefit from a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry.

At Aussie we aren’t looking for animal groomers; we seek business owners who can manage and grow a team of groomers! As we say “You are in business for yourself… not by yourself!

BTB - What are some of the advantages in being an Aussie Pet Mobile franchise owner?

RA - Some major advantages of being an Aussie Pet Mobile Franchise Owner include;

  • Aussie Franchise Owners are not locked into real estate leases
  • The Aussie system is scalable and can be easily increased as demand grows
  • Our Franchise Owners benefit from partnership arrangements with the likes of Disney, Mercedes Benz & FURminator
  • An Aussie franchise is proven to be recession resistant
  • Access to comprehensive proven marketing & advertising material
  • A National Call Centre operating 24/7/365 (1-800-PET-MOBILE)
  • Ongoing assistance, training & coaching
  • Access to the Aussie Pet Mobile Client Management & Dispatching system (ACMS) and interactive informational databases with Franchise Forums and online Help facilities.
  • A Proven business plan with great systems and procedures
  • Purchasing Power
  • Recognition of one’s efforts and tangible incentives – we reward success at Aussie
  • Opportunity to build security, self esteem and self confidence
  • Opportunity to meet new people and become a local icon within the community (Protected Territory)
  • No Prior experience in the Pet Industry is necessary
  • Own and operate state of the art Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans that are Solar Powered (ensuring we leave a green paw-print on the planet!)
  • Aussie Franchise Owners have a flexible schedule ensuring they control when they work. “You can work around the other important aspects of your life”

BTB - Are you a member of any Associations?

RA - Aussie Pet Mobile is a member of both the IFA and the CFA

BTB - Tell us a little about the Pet Service Industry?

RA - The Pet Grooming industry is enormous and growing rapidly. More and more pet owners are willing to pay to have their pets groomed in a stress free environment at their homes with no waiting in cages for their loved pets. This not only benefits the pets but benefits the owners as well.

  • The Pet industry is the 7th largest industry in North America
  • North Americans spend in excess of $50 Billion on their pets annually
  • The projected spend by the end of 2010 is $52 Billion
  • There are over 8 million cats and dogs in Canada today and they all need to be groomed!

BTB - How successful is your company today and what are your future growth plans?

RA - Although Aussie Pet Mobile is relatively new to the Canadian market, we have been in existence on the world stage since 1996. We have over 500 territories in 9 International markets being serviced daily and have continually been recognized by leading organizations as the World’s #1 Pet Service Franchise. Our expansion here in Canada will see Aussie open more than 30 protected territories during 2010 with a target of 300 protected territories within the next 5 years. There is no other competitor of similar scale in the market.

BTB - What are your franchisees saying about the business?

RA - Our franchise owners love the lifestyle, the low overheads and the fun work environment. They are meeting new people on a daily basis and forming strong alliances within their community. We encourage our Franchise Owners to get to know their colleagues in surrounding areas through various emails, training, conferences and phone calls. Aussie Franchise Owners love the fact that they are not in business alone. Although they have protected territories, they work together as a team helping each other as and when needed. We strongly encourage that interaction and everybody enjoys the great team spirit.
BTB - What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

RA - Having been in and around the franchising industry for more than 20 years (acting as a Franchisor, Franchise Owner and as a Franchise Management Consultant) I know what a top franchise model looks like. I encourage anybody that is serious about developing a successful home based scalable business to take the time to fully understand the Aussie Pet Mobile franchise opportunity. In my opinion, a strong brand that has proven to be recession resistant, and which is extremely scalable, is by default a formula for success!
I always remind people that no matter what you do, building a new business will be hard work but if you are prepared to give 100% and bring the right attitude to the game each and every day then success will find you. Put simply, with the right attitude, a strong desire to succeed and a proven system such as Aussie Pet Mobile, you will find yourself well and truly on the road to great success enjoying the quality lifestyle you deserve.

BTB - In your opinion, why do you think that Aussie Pet Mobile would be a great opportunity for someone?

RA - Aussie Pet Mobile ticks all the boxes!

It has a low entry point, is extremely scalable, has no real estate commitments (no landlords), is a cash based business with low overheads and most importantly of all… it’s great fun!

The system has been operating successfully for 14 years and is recognized as the World’s #1 Pet Service Franchise. The branding, corporate image, the premium service and the management team are all extremely professional and well credentialed.

Aussie Pet Mobile offers a competitive edge in this multi-billion dollar pet services industry. Within the structure of our franchise system, franchise owners benefit from the expertise of our professional team and proven systems. Our training programs will guide franchise owners to expertly plan and manage local area marketing campaigns as well as operationally managing their business efficiently. Our proven Aussie systems will guide you towards successful dispatching and routing and will also assist you with the execution of YOUR business plan.

You owe it to yourself to seriously consider the proven Aussie Pet Mobile Franchised business opportunity today!