Brian O''Donnell - BuyMeACar Founder


Jul 03, 2013

Brian started O’Donnell Auto Consult ( seven years ago after spending a number of years in the automobile retail industry in various dealerships throughout the United States and Canada. He decided to use his experience and knowledge to provide more personalized service to help educate and assist automotive consumers in getting the most value for their money, and now he wishes to franchise to others that same opportunity. Brian has over 25 years’ experience in sales, financing, leasing and used car wholesaling to create a business which helps consumers have a better car buying experience.

BeTheBoss: Tell us about the BuyMeACar concept.

Brian O''Donnell: The Concept of BuyMeACar is helping consumers and busy professionals purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle, we work on behalf of our client not the auto dealerships. This means we get our client the right vehicle (not the vehicle the sales person wants to sell you) for the best price, we also take care of the vehicle research, negotiations, and ensure the client leaves with their vehicle saying to themselves “that was the best experience I have ever had buying a car”.

BeTheBoss: How and when did you become involved with BuyMeACar?

Brian O'Donnell: BuyMeACar opens its doors back in 2007. I started the business because after spending years in Auto Dealerships I became disillusioned with how customers were treated, the sales games that you had to play after spending many sleepless nights I decided that there had to be better way. Enter BuyMeACar.

BeTheBoss: What was your background prior to joining BuyMeACar?

Brian O'Donnell: I spent over 25 years in the Auto industry in various dealerships in Canada and the United States. I have held almost every position in the Auto Dealership from Sales person on the Floor to upper management.

BeTheBoss: What are some of the advantages in being a BuyMeACar franchisee?

Brian O'Donnell: BuyMeACar is such a different company than any other because of the systems, programs, and support we provide to all of our franchisees. It is a unique consulting service which has low overhead and low monthly expenses… there is no inventory, no staff, and no office space required. It is a profitable home business opportunity. Head office is very involved in guiding and supporting our franchisees every step of the way.

BeTheBoss: Who is your ideal franchisee?

Brian O'Donnell: Someone who has business experience, preferably in a leadership role, who want to take control of their professional life. People who have a passion for the automotive industry and most importantly we look for people who have an unwavering desire to help others, are driven, forward-thinking, and operate from a core of honesty, and integrity.

BeTheBoss: Tell us a little about the automotive market?

Brian O'Donnell: The market for this business is tremendously large. Our market is those consumers and busy professionals that do not have the 40+ hours of time it normally takes to research, negotiate, and purchase a vehicle.

BeTheBoss: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

Brian O'Donnell: I think a big part of success in any business – wether it is a Franchise or not is – Do a “Gut check” with yourself. When you think about a business you want to own do you get excited about it? Does it keep you awake at night because you’re so excited about it? You also want to know WHO you are working with and ensure that they have not just built a system but they have actually had the years of experience doing that work and the system is proven. Anyone can provide programs and a methodology but the people who provide those things need to be there for you to help you walk the path, support you taking the action steps, and be there for you 110%.

BeTheBoss: In your opinion, why do you think that BuyMeACar would be a great opportunity for someone?

Brian O'Donnell: Ever since I started the business I constantly received comments from clients “I wish I knew about this with my last car purchase” or “You should have done this years ago”. The reason why people feel this way is because the Auto Dealerships has never changed the way they do business in the last 30 years. I think everyone knows someone in their life who has had a negative car buying experience. It is a fantastic opportunity for people to make a great living doing something they are passionate about. We also have a proven system for franchisee’s to follow to be successful in operating their own BuyMeACar franchise and we provide tremendous support and guidance every step of the way.