Brian Tracy International- Managing Director, Andrew Phillips


Apr 02, 2014

Andrew Phillips is a highly-regarded expert in motivation, sales / leadership training, and business growth. He specialises in helping organisations and individuals establish clear advancement strategies for achieving their goals faster. Andrew is the master franchise owner of Brian Tracy International in Australia / New Zealand and in the United Kingdom / Ireland.

From a 140-year-old family sheep property in South Australia, Andrew is an MBA graduate (University of Adelaide) and entrepreneur who has successfully developed and sold several businesses during the last 25 years. He is an international consultant in professional sales strategy, as well as responsible for the recruitment and development of franchisees worldwide.

Andrew’s core values are old-fashioned hard work, gratitude, and integrity of purpose. He represents Brian Tracy International Inc. in global development. His aim is to help other entrepreneurs world-wide achieve their goals of financial independence by establishing successful businesses. Andrew is now developing the European and Canadian market. What’s the story behind Brian Tracy International?

Andrew Phillips:Brian Tracy International grew from the now world renown work of Brian Tracy. His reputation for fast-tracking people to achieve their personal and business goals, was founded in Vancouver Canada. In 1986, Brian Tracy partnered Ib Moller, and together they have expanded their brand and training programs to over 100 countries and now their programs have over 5 million graduates. A massive success story.

BTB: What made you decide to License?

AP:Licensing is recognized as a proven system of distribution. It benefits all stakeholders and is commonly understood in the market to be a successful way to lower risk and maximize success when launching a business.

BTB: Tell us a little about the Brian Tracy International Market?

AP:Our market is huge. We assist companies of all sizes to improve the performance of staff and productivity. We always aim to improve bottom-line profit for clients and achieve a return on capital for their training investment. No company is without constraints in achieving its potential – hence our market is large and varied.

BTB: What have some of the challenges been in growing your business model?

AP:A key challenge with any organization is recruiting people who have the correct blend of attitude, skills and knowledge. Our key challenge is no different – it is in the recruitment of the candidate who has the correct set of values, communication style, the business acumen & the experience and desire to be a leader. It is not easy to find a candidate who has this right mix. We will not compromise on the necessary characteristics hence we only appoint people very carefully. We need to be patient.

BTB: Who has been your greatest inspiration and why?

AP:Well – it is Brian Tracy. His message of self-responsibility, clarity of focus, and goal orientation is inspiring. He has worked extremely hard to get his message out and is now internationally recognized, an author of over 70 books and he speaks to over 250,000 people per year. Pretty good for a guy who started with nothing except the desire to seek the answer to a question – “why are some people more successful than others?" I always admire people who are self-made.

BTB: What are some of the advantages in being a Brian Tracy International Licensee?

AP:Very high quality training programs that allow the Licensee to relax and know they will deliver outstanding results. Complete resources to make a fast start--from a website to sales proposals & marketing tools. Finally, people behind the scenes who are passionate, who will support our licensees day or night!

BTB: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a License?

AP:Be clear about your goals. Visualize them, emotionalize them – who and what do you want to be, or achieve in the next 5-10 years? Ask yourself these questions and do your homework. Stick to something proven over at least a decade.

BTB: What’s one important lesson you have learnt from being in Business?

AP:Clarity Clarity Clarity. Success is goals and all else is commentary!

BTB: Where do you see Brian Tracy International in 10 years time?

AP:We will continue to grow our brand locally & internationally. We will be recognised as the leading provider of people solutions for business worldwide.

BTB: In your opinion, why do you think that Brian Tracy International would be a great opportunity for someone?

AP:It is a great opportunity for someone who has a variety of skills, who wants to build their own business, yet needs instant credibility, world class resources and people to support their journey. More importantly – the team behind the scenes—they strive to ensure the success of the people who also take a risk to be successful in life.