Interview with Rebecca Page Founder of Concierge Home Services


Sep 29, 2009

Rebecca Page is President of Concierge Home Services. She built the company from the ground up and is able to mentor franchisees through every stage of growing their business. She was recently recognized as one of the Top 40 Under Forty business people in Ottawa.

BeTheBoss - How is Concierge Home Services different from other residential cleaning franchises?

Rebecca Page - We differ for two big reasons – business model, and service offering.
Homeowners love having the personal attention of one of our bonded and trained staff, rather than the traditional team-cleaning approach. They also appreciate having a single provider for all their home cleaning needs – regular housecleaning, carpet cleaning, window washing, and duct cleaning, as well as home checks and pet sitting for when they are away for work or vacation.

BTB - Tell us about the beginning of Concierge Home Services and how it got started?

RP - I started Concierge Home Services in 2001. During my previous career in high- tech HR, I knew many busy executives frustrated by unsatisfying experiences with traditional cleaning companies and private service providers. I saw a way to blend the advantages of both options, and mix in additional services to offer a total household management solution, with a focus on quality and service.

BTB - What are some of the advantages in being a Concierge Home Services franchisee?

RP - We are a low-overhead service business you can run from a home office. No inventory, no costly equipment, no fleet of cars to maintain, no retail hours. This business is managing lots of detail, scheduling staff, servicing clients, and networking. Build multiple revenue streams from your client base for a solid business with no seasonal dips.

BTB - What are the qualities you look for in your ideal franchisee?

RP - We look for strong communication and time management skills with a solid customer service-centred approach. Each franchisee must develop positive relationships with their staff, their clients, and get out to network in their small business community.

BTB - What sort of training do you offer your Concierge Home Services franchisee?

RP - We walk our new franchisees through every step of starting their business.
One full week of training includes individual time with me in a classroom setting, training DVDs, and hands-on experience with our senior managers. The week concludes with a session with a professional business coach. They go back to their home office with all the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to operate their business. We provide a detailed marketing plan they can apply in their community, and we support them through outstanding search engine optimization for their protected territory. Most of our growth comes from homeowners finding our website and liking what they see, so we make sure each franchisee gets top placement in search engines.