Curb-Ease Franchise- President, Garry Tynan


Feb 23, 2020

Garry Tynan is the founder and CEO of The Concrete Advantage Company Ltd. dba Curb-Ease continuous concrete borders. Prior to starting Curb-Ease in 1998, Garry was the Vice President of ColorImage Canada Inc., a national supplier of high end colour imaging equipment to major accounts and governments in Canada where he developed and managed a network of branches and dealers throughout Western Canada.

The initial Curb-Ease installation division was established in 1998 and enjoyed exceptional and consistent results year after year. The franchise model became available in 2005 and since the launch of the franchise opportunity Curb-Ease has grown to almost every Province in Canada and is now the largest, most established curbing brand in the country. Tynan is currently preparing Curb-Ease for expansion into the United States and other International markets and is very excited about the continued success and growth of Curb-Ease.

BeTheBoss - What is the Curb-Ease franchise opportunity all about?

Garry Tynan - Curb-Ease™ is a unique turnkey (home-based) franchise focusing on the huge demand for decorative concrete landscape borders. Our market is the $50 billion + annual home renovation industry. Some features include: innovative equipment, protected territories, ongoing support, national call centre and excellent earning potential. We have refined this business and developed proven systems designed to help you every step of the way. A Curb-Ease franchise enables you to be in business for yourself and work at something you love with confidence. Research confirms that investing in a franchise infrastructure greatly increases your odds for success by eliminating many of the costly mistakes made by new start-up companies. Contact us today and get more information on the benefits of owning your own Curb-Ease Franchise.

BTB - Who is your ideal candidate for a franchise?

GT - The ideal candidate for a Curb-Ease franchise is someone who enjoys working outdoors, has good customer communication skills, leadership ability and enjoys the advantages of being able to work within the established guidelines of the largest, most successful curbing franchise in Canada. We want people who constantly strive to become better at every aspect of running their business and appreciate the systems and processes that are in place to help them achieve the highest results for their effort.

BTB - What type of training and support do you offer?

GT - Curb-Ease offers a 1 week comprehensive program of both classroom and “hands on” training designed to insure our franchisees deliver exceptional quality workmanship as soon as they start. Ongoing field support as well as annual “skills development” training seminars at our annual conventions further enhance the abilities of our franchisees.

BTB - What are some of the advantages in being a Curb-Ease franchisee?

GT - Some of the key advantages of being a Curb-Ease franchisee are:

    1. You are able to take advantage of the largest, most established landscape edging brand in Canada.
    2. You are trained into a proven system that will accelerate your business and greatly increase your chances of success.
    3. You are a part of a National team with an established support network.
    4. Your customers call into our National Customer Service Centre and receive prompt, courteous service.
    5. The Curb-Ease equipment package is designed to produce the highest output possible – increased revenue.
    6. Established web site, marketing materials / strategies, marketing department support and professional presentation tools.
    7. Ongoing skills development training and support.

BTB - Are you a member of any Associations?

GT - Curb-Ease is a member of the Canadian Franchise Association and we are also members of the Canadian Landscape Nursery Association.

BTB - Tell us a little about your Industry?

GT - The decorative stamped concrete landscape border industry in Canada is very young. Most people aren’t aware that our product exists – and that it is an excellent / cost efficient alternative to wood or plastic edging. The home improvement industry in Canada is a 50 – 60 billion dollar annual industry and nothing transforms the look of a property the way that Curb-Ease curbing does. Aside from the dramatic improvement to the look of a property, Curb-Ease garden edging greatly reduces the amount of time our customers have to spend in maintaining their gardens. Our concrete borders act as an excellent root barrier – keeping grass out of the gardens and our edging provides a solid, abrasive resistant surface to run a trimmer along. Our clients enhance the look and value of their property and greatly reduce the time required to maintain this “show home” look.

BTB - How successful is your company today and what are your future growth plans?

GT - Curb-Ease is currently the largest curbing franchise in Canada and we plan to maintain our growth domestically as well as launch international operations in the United States and Europe. Master Franchise and Area Development opportunities are also available.

BTB - What are your franchisees saying about the business?

GT - Curb-Ease franchisees are pleased with the infrastructure and love the business. High earning potential, corporate support and a great outdoor working environment are key ingredients in their satisfaction – while having a home based business and being their own boss are also important.

BTB - In your opinion, why do you think that a Curb-Ease would be a great opportunity for someone?

GT - A Curb-Ease franchise gives you the freedom to be your own boss with exceptional earning potential – while working with a team of professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our customers love what we do – and being a part of the Curb-Ease franchise team will help you enjoy the feeling of giving your customers a creative, value added product and professional service they want to tell their friends and family about.