Debt Consultant Training Group - Michelle James, MBA


Jul 16, 2016

Ms. James has an extensive business background filled with entrepreneurship and success. Michelle is a graduate of Queen’s University and holds a Masters of Business Administration from York University in Toronto. Michelle has owned and operated multiple businesses and has been extensively involved in the business consulting sector where she helped clients build their business, franchise as well as build it to be profitably sold.  Michelle’s experience, dedication, and passion provides an exceptional avenue of learning for those attending the DCTG training program in Debt Consulting. Whether a graduate is seeking advice on leasing, financing, location selection, customer service, or business analysis, Michelle is able to draw on experience and surpass the expectations of both new and existing trainees. Michelle is responsible for leading our Head Office team & those that attend our training in Business Development.  What’s the story behind Debt Consultant Training Group?

Michelle James:  1 in 4 Americans are in debt collections and Canada has the highest debt levels it has ever seen with a debt-to-income ratio over 174%. For every dollar a Canadian earns they owe over $1.74. Ontario families, like other provinces have a hard time paying minimums every month on their average credit card balance. In fact, over 73% of family’s miss payments. This is why we began a program using our 15 year’s experience- to train Canadians to help Canadian families & Business owners get and stay debt free. 

BTB:  What made you decide to franchise?

MJ:  We've been doing it for 15 years and we continue to see the debt crisis in Canada growing and see this as a great opportunity for our franchisees to build a great business and earn a significant income

BTB:  What was your background prior to forming the company?

MJ:  Successful consulting practice

BTB:  Tell us a little about the Finanacial Market? 

MJ:  Trustees represent the creditors in this area and are paid a % of what they get repaid. Consumers are never told this and think the trustee is representing them when in fact they legally have to represent the best interest of the creditor.

BTB:  In your opinion, why do you think that Debt Consultant Training Group would be a great opportunity for someone? 

MJ:  Record debt levels and a housing boom. Families are in trouble and so are business owners and they have no one to turn to to represent their interest.