Interview with Scott Thomas - Founder of eFlatFeeRealty


May 13, 2010

Scott Thomas started in Real Estate and was licensed in 1997. He went to the University of Northern Iowa where he studied Real Estate and bought his first of 64 homes as investments. Scott has been a Realtor since 1997 and has sold hundreds of homes to hundreds of customers. Mr. Thomas founded a flat fee real estate company once before and sold it to Warren Buffet the Billionaire from Omaha. Mr. Thomas has had over 38 representatives working for him as the owner of another national real estate franchise. When Scott is not working on the franchise he likes to spend time with his wife Stephanie of 11 years, and play with his 3 Children; Suzanne(10) Scott, Jr (8) and Sloan(2) and preferably on the Golf Course or while traveling.

BeTheBoss - What’s the story behind

Scott Thomas - I started with an $82,000 website that you will get for your franchise just 3 years ago. Within a few months of starting my business, from my home, we were making 6 figures and had 211 listings and many buyers. We are now the fastest growing and number 1 Flat Fee MLS franchise in the World. We are giving you a business in the box and making sure that you can buy yourself a job and a wonderful future. We are the expedia of Real Estate and the future of real estate is here.

BTB - What made you decide to franchise?

ST - I figured out a turn key system and the best real estate website in the World. Our website helps you make money while you are sleeping and will save you so much time and money. Our system was so perfect and was making us so much income, that we decided to Franchise the system, knowing that it will work for you too.

BTB - Tell us about the industry?

ST - How many travel agents still exist today? How many real estate agents will exist in 5 years? Flat fee MLS is the wave of the future. With the power of the internet, savvy sellers want to save money and technology makes it possible for us to save time and pass the savings on to them. We also are the only Flat Fee Commercial Franchise in the world and you can buy both franchises for a very low franchise fee and some of the lowest royalties in the franchise industry. Get paid 100% of the time, up front, and make a great consistent income.

BTB - What have been some of the challenges in growing your business?

ST - The only challenge has been to continue to hire the best staff to support our rapidly growing franchise. We have an amazing team of tech support and franchise sales staff, helping us to be the number 1 flat fee mls franchise in the World. We challenge ourselves to constantly create ideas and ways of helping you make more money and grow your franchise.

BTB - Who has been your greatest Inspiration?

ST - Not so sound silly or over religious. But God helped us when the real estate market hit an all time low and showed us how to put together the must cutting edge Flat Fee Real Estate website and brand in the industry. Our website and back end of the site is amazing. I have been inspired by all of the Realtors who know that the day of the traditional high commissions is numbered and they want to get a franchise tied up before they miss the boat and are like the travel agents of the past. We are the expedia of real estate and the internet inspires us to see what we can do with our e flat fee realty company.

BTB - What are some of the advantages of your franchise?

ST - When you buy an franchise you get an $82,000 website, a business in a box, you get in on the ground floor of the future of real estate, the expedia of real estate. You will see how getting paid 100% of the time, up front and paying low franchise fee and low royalty fees; while making a great income and helping people is so rewarding. You will learn the future of real estate and quickly realize that owning the only flat fee commercial franchise in the world is amazing.

BTB - What gadgets can’t you live without?

ST - My black berry.

BTB - What do you do in your spare time?

ST - Hang out with my wife and 3 kids. Golf, and continue to grow the franchise.

BTB – What advice do you have for someone looking to buy your franchise?

ST - Look at how many traditional real estate franchises are in the world, look at how many flat fee mls franchises in the world? Look at how many travel agents remain. Look at how many computers are in homes. My advice is to buy an franchise, tie up a territory, a region, a province, before some other Realtor, investor, or entrepreneur does and you miss out on the ground floor of the future of real estate.

BTB - Why do you think would be a great opportunity for someone?

ST – You get paid 100% of the time up front, you get more buyers and sellers than ever with a traditional real estate franchise. Our concept is the future of real estate. In a few months we had 211 listings and we are on track to do 6 figures this year….. so can you.