Innergy Yoga - Owner, Lynn Roberts


Dec 24, 2013

Lynn Roberts holds a 4-year Bachelor of Journalism with Honours degree from the University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lynn discovered yoga for the first time in 1999 and quickly became hooked. She completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2004 through the Prana Yoga College in Vancouver, BC, her Pre-natal Yoga Teaching Training with Urban Yoga and her Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Bernie Clark in Vancouver.

Lynn founded Innergy Corporate Yoga Inc. in 2004. By 2011 the company had served over 2000 clients. In 2011, Innergy was a finalist in Small Business BC's Successful You contest, as a nominee for Best Company in BC. In 2013, Lynn introduced the Yoga Teacher program to Innergy and began coaching other yoga teachers to successfully run a mobile yoga business.

Lynn is also the mother of two amazing girls and lives in Kamloops, BC.

BeTheBoss: Tell us about the Innergy Corporate Yoga concept?

Lynn Roberts: “Innergy” is a combination of the words “inner” and “energy”, and is a concept based on the sanskrit word often heard in a yoga class: “Prana”, which means “vital life force”.

BTB: How and when did you become involved with Innergy Corporate Yoga?

LR: I started Innergy Corporate Yoga in June 2004, shortly after graduating from my first certified yoga teacher training program. I had the business concept in my head before my teacher training even began, and when it was finished I immediately put the pieces into place and got Innergy up and running.

BTB: What was your background prior to joining Innergy Corporate Yoga?

LR: Prior to Innergy Corporate Yoga, I was a broadcast journalist. I also worked in customer service. I became a yoga teacher when I was 27.

BTB: What are some of the advantages in being a Innergy Yoga franchisee?

LR: For someone who is eager to be their own boss and work for themselves, but doesn’t want to work by themselves, this is an ideal opportunity. Since it’s a mobile business, there is little overhead and little risk AND you can work from home most of the time. In just 10-15 hours a week, you can complete your tasks, which leaves time open for other things you need to do. Our automated system means your calendar fills up with appointments while you’re doing other things. This is a simple and straightforward business, yet very rewarding if you believe that employees in the workplace should be healthy and happy. You will constantly be coached and supported by our strong management team.

BTB: Who is your ideal franchisee?

LR: Our ideal franchisee has a strong background in sales and marketing, human resources or recruitment. We are looking for leaders who can recruit a suitable team of yoga teachers and coach them to success. Our ideal franchisee is also positive, upbeat, confident and ambitious.

BTB: Tell us a little about the Fitness Market?

LR: Right now, there are some major problems happening in workplaces across Canada. Employees are taking sick leave to deal with stress, workplace productivity is down and expensive health benefits are costing employers a lot of money. Corporate Yoga provides a real and viable ongoing solution to help with these problems. When employees become happier and healthier, businesses can save money, reduce staff turnover and increase employee productivity. Overall, yoga has been popular for several years, and that popularity is only continuing to grow. Corporate Yoga is now being recognized as a solution to combat many workplace problems.

BTB: What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

LR: In growing this franchise, I have learned to be adaptable, to make changes when it is necessary and to really listen to what others want and need. If you truly love what you do and believe in it, it somehow all seems to come together.

BTB: Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

LR: My mentor is my business partner and Innergy’s Vice President, Dan Mezheritsky. Dan is a visionary who has taught me how to raise the bar and really go after what I want and believe in. He is a master coach in the field of health and wellness and he has helped guide our team of yoga teachers to be successful entrepreneurs.

BTB: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

LR: For anyone looking for a solid franchise opportunity, you have to take many things into consideration – cost, location, price, timing in the marketplace, etc. Ultimately, though, what that business stands for has to mean something to you. You’re going to have to get out of bed 7 days a week knowing that this is what you have chosen to do, so do your research, ask questions, and then ultimately, listen to your gut.

BTB: In your opinion, why do you think that Innergy Corporate Yoga would be a great opportunity for someone?

LR: The Innergy Corporate Yoga franchise opportunity is inexpensive, mobile and a simplistic business. No real risk, no overhead and a flat fee royalty per month. The industry of health and wellness is only going to continue growing, so investing in a yoga franchise opportunity is an excellent opportunity for very little cost.