Print Three - President, Andrew Hrywnak


Sep 25, 2013

With over 25 years experience in the Print Three network, Andrew Hrywnak is recognized as one of the top 50 most influential people in the Canadian print Industry. Under his leadership he has positioned the Print Three network to become the top print, web and marketing solution providers in Canada. Andrew Hrywnak believes that building on the Brand as well as offering leading edge solutions to customers will continue to position Print Three as a Leader in the Canadian Marketplace.

BeTheBoss: Tell us about Print Three’s concept?

Print Three is Canada’s recognized industry leader in print, web and marketing services for business and corporate clients. Our Franchising Leaders are continuously looking for individuals who want to assist their business community.

BeTheBoss: How and when did you become involved with Print Three?

I became involved with Print Three as one of my first jobs after University and started as a field representative helping franchisees grow their business and the rest is history.

BeTheBoss: What are some of the advantages in being a Print Three franchisee?

Print Three gives you the freedom to own your own business and provides of one of the best support groups in any franchise network.

BeTheBoss: Who is your ideal franchisee?

There is no ideal franchisee. We are looking for anyone who is open to becoming print, web and marketing consultant to their local business community.

BeTheBoss: Tell us a little about the Printing Industry?

Our market place has changed dramatically over the last 10 years with technology being a major driver of our business. The new opportunities with website development as well as marketing services have again put Print Three into a lead position in the industry.

BeTheBoss: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

The advice that I would give someone who is looking into acquiring a franchise is very simple:

  • Make sure you area comfortable selling the product and/or services.
  • Make sure you will be able to work with the franchisor as a partner.

BeTheBoss: In your opinion, why do you think that Print Three would be a great opportunity for someone?

I believe that the Print Three concept is a great opportunity for someone who likes the independence of being an owner and also working with the franchisor as a partner to achieve their goals. The great thing about Print Three is that the owners can maintain a normal life. With our franchise owners can have the weekends off and work mostly during the week.