Interview with Hickory Dickory Decks, CEO - Tom Jacques


Feb 12, 2021  How and when did you become involved with Hickory Dickory Decks?

Tom Jacques:  I graduated from McMaster university with a commerce degree in the mid-eighties. Shortly after that, my entrepreneur spirit soon got in the way of me working a traditional 9-5 job. Hickory Dickory Decks was born in 1987 by myself and my business partner.

.  What was your background prior to joining Hickory Dickory Decks?

Tom Jacques:  I had bought a house in my last year of university and after buying a few more over a seven-month period I realized I enjoyed renovations and deck building specifically. Following my graduation from university I began working for IBM. It became clear after just a few short months that I very much enjoyed working with my hands as well as utilizing my business degree. I knew that a deck business would be in my future.

.  What are some of the advantages in being a Hickory Dickory Decks franchisee?

Tom Jacques:  Advantages to being a Hickory Dickory Decks Franchisee include job satisfaction, flexibility, and freedom. While being your own boss, a franchisee can still take advantage all that the franchise system has to offers.  These include but are not limited to buying power in the marketing world, world class training, individualized franchise support and sales and business tools that make that business startup smooth and seamless. As a new franchise you will join a network of fellow franchisees, providing additional support.

.  Tell us a little about the decking Market?

Tom Jacques:  The decking market is forever evolving. Hickory Dickory Decks has been building with low maintenance decking for over 26 years. We have stayed ahead of a decking market that is just now coming into its own when it comes to these products. Though the cost of wood has recently gone up, many of the low maintenance products that we use to build most of our decks has not. We continue to have a competitive advantage over other deck builders with our stocked lumber yard providing strong buying power over the competition.

.  What’s new in the industry?

Tom Jacques:  Though, not recession proof, the decking industry continues to grow, even in tough economic times. More and more, people are making investments in their properties and enhancing their decks are a big part of this growth. Many customers are looking to create a staycation, opting for full low maintenance when it comes to their outdoor projects. This can include railings, shade structures and furniture.

.  What’s new in the market?

Tom Jacques:  Low maintenance decking projects with extended life expectancy has been in the market for more than two decades. Now, the consumer can also invest in a low maintenance substructure, ensuring that their deck is only ever built once. Also new to the industry, bamboo decking.  Though bamboo has been used in interior applications for many years, bamboo is also an environmentally friendly and beautiful alternative to wood, composite, and vinyl.

.  Why do you think that Hickory Dickory Decks would be a great opportunity?

Tom Jacques:  Hickory Dickory Decks has done a lot of the hard work for our franchisees. In business since 1987 and franchising since 1999, we have ironed out a lot of the kinks when it comes to starting up a new business. We pass on these lessons to each of our franchisees along with a well-rounded, comprehensive support system that includes a world class website, extensive marketing and advertising initiatives and ongoing support. The best parts of being a Hickory Dickory Decks franchise is the quality of work life balance, the healthy working environment and high job satisfaction. Enjoy Life… Outdoors!