Interview With Mia Pasta CEO, Karim Barake


Sep 27, 2019 Tell us about the Mia Pasta concept.

Karim Barake: Founded in 2007, Mia Pasta was born out of a desire to provide quick, effective services with all the advantages of a traditional restaurant and high quality, healthy and balanced cuisine.

Following its significant initial success, Mia Pasta has now multiple franchises and continues to grow with the goal of becoming the market’s number one destination for relaxed, quick-service dining. Our network owes its success to the excellence of our franchisees, the work of our Mia Pasta team members and the exceptional quality of our food.    How and when did you become involved with Mia Pasta?

Karim Barake:    2011.    What was your background prior to joining Mia Pasta?

Karim Barake:    I was previously a franchisee at Subway owning 11 restaurants and sold them in 2009.    What are some of the advantages in being a Mia Pasta franchisee or Master Franchisee?

Karim Barake:    Acquiring a Mia Pasta franchise means investing in a strong, proven concept that combines the quality of healthy, balanced cuisine provided by a traditional restaurant with the efficiency of a quick service restaurant. We offer a truly hybrid dining experience at affordable prices, in a relaxed atmosphere and warm, urban decor. Join our youthful, energetic network and take advantage of the strong growth of this market sector at a low cost of ownership, whether you opt for a traditional restaurant concept or a counter service.    Who is your ideal Master Franchisee?

Karim Barake:    The ideal candidate is someone who is dedicated for success and customer satisfaction with the desire to become a multi-unit operator.    Tell us a little about the Market?

Karim Barake:    The market industry is moving fast with customers asking for fresh alternatives and having less time to cook , after all who dosen’t love Pasta.    What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

Karim Barake:    We work as a team with our franchisees in order to deliver support on every level.    What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Mia Pasta Franchise or the Master Franchise rights?

Karim Barake:    To be involved in your business not only as an Investor but as a operator that is hands on.    In your opinion, why do you think that Mia Pasta would be a great opportunity?

Karim Barake:    Our market segment as very little competition and attracts all the market segments of the population , people like to eat food they know . Pasta is the food eaten more in the world and as no frontiers . Join the Mia family today !!