Jennifer Desloges - CEO of Jade Electrolysis


Mar 28, 2012

Jennifer was born in 1963 in Pembroke Ontario. Her father was a butcher and mother worked odd jobs; they were poor. Her parents divorced when she was three, as a result she has only seen her father twice since, at age 12 and 27. Her mother married again when she was five to a wealthy man who turned out to be her greatest teacher through her formative years. He taught her to "watch the pennies and the dollars take care of themselves". She identified with the girls at school that came from poor families; she wanted to help them and share my good fortunes. She was always a good student but valued life lessons more. Her mother divorced her stepdad when she was 16 which devastated her. Her mother married a total of six times. She married a year later, in 1980 to a wonderful man. She never thought she would marry but he changed her mind and they are still married today. They've faced many obstacles over the years together. They've never been afraid of change, but rather embraced it as an opportunity. Jennifer has two amazing children, a daughter, Janine and a son, Marc. Her background has given her three things: the ability to adjust to any situation, a missionary attitude and a stubborn get-it-done attitude. What's the story behind Jade Electrolysis?

Jennifer Desloges: In 1982, I become pregnant and developed a condition that caused a male-type beard and body hair. I walked around covering my face and cringed when I noticed people's eyes shift as they examined my chin. I questioned my femininity and I didn't want to get close to anyone...including my husband. Perhaps worst of all is I felt alone - like I was the only one. I saw all the "experts" but it wasn't until I tried electrolysis in 1989 that I found a permanent solution. I also learned that even though electrolysis could fix my problem, it all depended on the skill and expertise of the practitioner. It was a long battle to find the right electrologist, but today my face and body are hair-free. This experience inspired me to get trained and become the leading expert and trainer in electrolysis. I am now the founder and franchisor for Jade Electrolysis, sharing my knowledge and passion in this field.

BTB: What made you decide to franchise Jade Electrolysis?

JD: I decided to franchise because my husband had planted the seed years earlier and one day it started to grow. I was sitting working on a client and I felt tired. A feeling that was foreign to me, my husband calls me the energizer bunny. I realized, I'm getting older and I was never going to rid the world of unwanted hair and the feeling of devastation it causes. I needed help....the need was too great.

BTB: What can you tell us about the Electrolysis industry?

JD: It's a billion dollar industry, with most of the players over promising and under delivering. Jade Electrolysis is the ONLY one that guarantees their work for life.

BTB: What is the biggest challenge you face in growing your business?

JD: Fear of change. Prospective franchisee are crippled by their fear. Our franchise seems too good to be true.....but it's really just good! Industry confusion is also a factor. AND HUSBANDS, not understanding the need for our service.

BTB: What is your inspiration?

JD: My greatest inspiration are our clients. We see how we help change their lives and the gratitude they feel. I want there to be a Jade Electrologist in every town so people have the opportunity to feel comfortable in their own skin.

BTB: What makes you proud of you company?

JD: A Jade Franchisee will always feel supported. Our company is built of respect and co-operation. Everyone has gifts to offer that benefits the system and all the other partners. I have been an Electrologist since 1989 and I have developed a proven system that is far beyond the competition and we guarantee it.

BTB: What technology can you not live without?

JD: The Gadget I can live without would be a fax machine, LOL, I have a scanner! I don't need a Blackberry, I have an iPhone (it's better).

BTB: How do you spend your free time?

JD: In my spare time there is nothing better than spending time with family and friends over a great meal and a glass of wine.

BTB: What advice would you give to someone looking at purchasing a franchise?

JD: My advice to prospective franchisees, don't just look at revenues....look at what you bring home after expenses. Consider whether the business is unique and has the potential for a large market share.

BTB: In your opinion, why is Jade Electrolysis a great opportunity?

JD: Jade is a great opportunity because every day you will have the opportunity to change peoples lives. Find a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life. You will prosper, financially and emotionally.