Kevin McIsaac - Reflex Supplements


Mar 13, 2013

Kevin Mcisaac began his entrepreneurial career in 1992 when he ran his own marketing company while still in college. He has worked for Canada’s largest courier company and has founded a number of successful corporations. With Hot Marketing and Design, Kevin assists small to Large companies grow through cutting edge online and offline marketing.

BeTheBoss: Tell us about the Reflex Supplements concept.

Kevin McIsaac: Reflex Supplements is one of the premier sports nutrition and active lifestyle stores in Canada! Reflex Supplements provides revolutionary products to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals.

BTB: How and when did you become involved with Reflex Supplements?

KM: I partnered with Derek Carey the founder of Reflex Supplements in 2011 after working with him as a supplier for 15 years.

BTB: What was your background prior to joining Reflex Supplements?

KM: My background is in sales and marketing. In college I started a production company working my way through college. This led me to corporate Canada where I was successful but limited to growth and true earning potential. So I decided to start my own sales agency in 1996 partnering with one of Canada’s to be largest Distributors of Sports Supplements, after growing this company into the multi-millions in sales I needed a new challenge. Leading to the creation of 4EVERPETS A Natural Pet supplements brand, 4EVER HEALTH A nutritional distribution company, 4EVER FIT an internationally known Sport Supplement brand (sold in 2008), started and owned multiple sport supplement retail stores (Popeye’s) with Canada’s largest sport supplements chain sold off by 2006, due to an increased focus needed on the 4EVER FIT brand in the USA. Helped develop an online marketing companies products leading to 10% of the world’s market share in there respected category.

BTB: What are some of the advantages in being a Reflex Supplements franchisee?

KM: The advantages include:

  • You are part of a team, we are as strong as our weakest link.
  • We work together on a one on one training program, On and off-site
  • You are part of a team with a tremendous amount of Industry related experience to guide and help you.
  • Ongoing Marketing and advertising support
  • Dynamic operation manuals, updated frequently
  • The ability to be part of a rapidly expanding group
  • Special Reflex Pricing on top products
  • Private Label house brand being launching in 2013
  • Reflex branded clothing
  • Low-cost on promotional items
  • Major pre-opening support that includes: product and order guide, POS system, marketing plan development support, website set up, store layout, location selection support, lease negotiations
  • High average profit margins

BTB: Who is your ideal franchisee?

KM: Someone interested in health and fitness, a healthy lifestyle. Enjoys helping others achieve lifestyle goals. Retail experience would be an asset, personal training experience is an asset, athletics background is an asset. Someone that has reached a goal in their personal health that would qualify them for this opportunity. Have they reached a milestone? Beaten Diabetes…Have a true passion for what they are going to wake up and do every day.

BTB: Tell us a little about the Natural products Market?

KM: Here are some points to remember:

  • 70% of Canadians use Natural Health products on a regular basis
  • 45% of Canadians us a Natural Health product on a daily basis
  • 79% of Natural Health Product users believe that Natural Health Products are safe
  • 80% of Natural Health product users indicate that these products were “Very or somewhat important” to their families
  • 10,650 estimated number of establishments Directly involved with the sale of Natural & organic Health products
  • 34,000 Estimated number of individuals directly employed by the industry
  • $3 Billion estimated contribution to the Canadian economy directly from the NHP industry
  • 85% Of NHP users use these products because they want to help Maintain and Improve their health *All the above facts are provided by CHFA (Canadian Franchise Association)

BTB: What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

KM: The lessons I've learned:

  • Find the right people with a passion for the business
  • Industry Expertise is essential in the start up
  • Find ways to consistently add value to our team members and clients
  • Work hard to increase margins to cover any fees charged
  • Never stop looking for opportunities to grow franchisee’s business
  • Quality over Quantity is key in expansion

BTB: Do you have a mentor and is there someone you use for inspiration?

KM: There are too many mentors and inspirations to mention; However, I have enjoyed the reading and talks of Guy Kawasaki and Chet Holmes. My Closest Mentor would be Larry Sherwood an old college professor, Entrepreneur. (Founder of Granville Island Brewing, past VP of Mcdonald’s)

BTB: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

KM: If you know what you want to do, have the passion for a healthy lifestyle, enjoy working with others, Reflex Supplements could be a good fit. Do your homework, compare all your options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Know what you want from the business. Ask for disclosures if they aren’t provided be weary.

BTB: In your opinion, why do you think that Reflex Supplements would be a great opportunity for someone?

KM: We provide the experience, expertise, and support to help make your goals reality.