Interview with Lee Anne Bartlett - Owner of Loving Life Now


Oct 21, 2011

Lee Anne Bartlett lives on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia with her entrepreneur husband Andrew and two daughters. Before starting Loving Life Now, Lee Anne spent the previous 10 years as the owner and operator of one of the largest Web Development companies in Australia. After the birth of her second child, Lee Anne took on the new challenge of Loving Life Now, an internationally award winning Personal Development business.

Her achievements in business have come about through a desire to assist other people to reach greater levels of personal and professional success.

BeTheBoss: Tell us about the Loving Life Now concept.

Lee Anne Bartlett: We are based in the Personal Development/Success Education and Media Industry which produces Positive Educational Media, Human Interest Documentaries that bring awareness of the true potential of the human spirit, and a full Personal Development Educational curriculum that assists individuals in learning and developing success principles to get better results in any area of their lives, so they can live into their full potential. It is designed to assist existing entrepreneurs create success in their current business or develop a business with the product line.

BTB: How and when did you become involved with Loving Life Now?

LAB: I had just gotten into personal development a lot and at the time was working 60-70 hours a week in my traditional business (along side 2 very young children) Stumbled across the opportunity and saw the big picture. That was over 2.5 years ago now and I have loved every moment.

BTB: Tell us a little about current trends impacting the Personal Development industry?

LAB: The Personal development industry is absolutely booming. Due to the current trends happening around the world in the financial markets so many more people are looking for a way to improve their life and make more money and be control over their own life. That is exactly what our business has to offer.

BTB: What are some of the advantages of being a Distributor of Loving Life Now?

LAB:You have ongoing one on one and group training and mentoring. Not only do you get to assist others in creating the life they desire, you get to also reach your goals. Basically you get paid to develop yourself.

BTB: Who is your ideal candidate?

LAB: Someone whom loves Personal Development, Loves helping others and has a huge desire to create financial freedom for themselves.

BTB: What are some of the greatest lessons you have learned in growing your business?

LAB: That money doesn’t just fall in your lap when you start a business. To build a successful profitable business there is a few key points.

1. You have to invest into yourself and your business (time and money).

2. Consistency is the key (Stop starting doesn’t let you build momentum).

3. Partner that with Passion and excitement and you have a Successful business.

BTB: What advice do you have for someone looking to get into business for themselves?

LAB: All of the points above plus be willing to learn and get rid of the “I Know”, be a blank canvas.