Maytag® - Senior Manager Marketing , Kevin Steinbraker


Dec 11, 2013

Kevin Steinbraker brings with him a demonstrated record of developing and executing strategies for growth and improved profitability earned throughout his nine-year tenure with Whirlpool Corporation. A Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, he is also a strong leader. In his position, Steinbraker is responsible for profit-and-loss performance, product development, marketing, advertising and strategy development. What is the Maytag® equipped Laundry business opportunity all about?

Kevin Steinbraker: Maytag Commercial Laundry® set out to meet the industry’s need for a welcoming and efficiently designed laundry store backed by the most recognized name in laundry. The result, a well designed, simple-to-implement program with reliable equipment and very little guesswork. This concept store bridges an industry gap, encourages a consistent environment among vended-laundry stores and offers users the dependable and reliable equipment the Maytag Commercial Laundry® brand is known for—in one concise package. Who is your ideal candidate for a Maytag® equipped Laundry business opportunity?

KS: Owning a Maytag® equipped Laundry store is more than an investment in a store; it’s an investment in the owner’s future. As an investor—depending on the size of the store and the total pieces of equipment—the owner can expect to need $75,000 up-front and the ability to borrow the remaining costs. In return, he/she gets a store that’s easy to set up, easy to run, and easy to make a profit. What type of training and support do you offer Maytag® equipped Laundry owners?

KS: Maytag Commercial Laundry® and its distributor network will support you and your business every step of the way. From in-store planning and site selection to financing and marketing assistance, support is available throughout the entire, effortless process. What are some of the advantages in being a Maytag® equipped Laundry business?

KS: The Maytag brand is the number-one preferred and most recognized brand in laundry. Built on five decades of commercial laundry experience and the 100-plus year equity of the Maytag brand, the new Maytag® equipped Laundry store model encompasses more than just equipment. With input from a strategically selected advisory council, Maytag Commercial Laundry® launched the Maytag® equipped Laundry business opportunity with a myriad of investors in mind. In addition, because the Maytag® equipped Laundry is a business opportunity, not a franchise per se, there are no costly upfront franchise fees, reoccurring royalty fees or confusing contracts. Are you a member of any associations?

KS: Specific to the vended/coin-laundry industry, Maytag Commercial Laundry® is a member of the Coin Laundry Association (CLA). Tell us a little about the Coin/Vended Laundry Market

KS: The beginning of the coin-store story started nearly six decades ago. And, according to the Coin Laundry Association, today encompasses approximately 35,000 coin laundries in the United States that generate nearly $5 billion in gross revenue per year. How successful is your company today and what are your future growth plans?

KS: Our business model is successful for various reasons—most importantly, people always need clean clothes. In fact, within the first year of launching the Maytag® equipped Laundry model, we had more than 30 qualified store owners engaged in some part of the process, and a number of the stores already up and running across North America. What advice do you have for someone looking to open a Maytag® equipped Laundry?

KS: We have the brand equity, industry knowledge and resources, and equipment necessary to help you design and open a successful store. We, along with our distributor network, will support and assist you and your business every step of the way. From in-store planning and site selection to financing and marketing assistance, support is available from beginning to end. In your opinion, why do you think that a Maytag® equipped Laundry would be a great opportunity for someone?

KS: When looking to embark on a new business opportunity, the possibilities are endless. However, some choices are a better fit than others. With a Maytag® equipped Laundry, the benefits make the coin/vended-laundry business the ideal option.

  • Our industry is recession resistant—people always need clean clothes.
  • No staffing hassles and minimal labor costs, as customers perform most of the work.
  • No costly upfront franchise fees, reoccurring royalty fees or confusing contracts.
  • Absentee ownership is possible—you can operate your laundry while maintaining your existing career.
  • A high return on investment is possible.