MyMaid Franchise Opportunity - CEO, Craig Billingsley


Sep 11, 2014 Tell us about the MyMaid Franchise concept.

Like we have done for the past 32 years, we would be honored to have the opportunity to make your home a sanctuary and the chance to become your rock. Join the many families and individuals who allow us to bring a sense of peace, balance and wellness to your home! In our early days, we took the time to talk to hundreds of home cleaning maid companies in Ontario and all across Canada, big and small. We were amazed to discover that no one really understood the true mechanics of cleaning a home and the proper green products to use. For example, did you know that dish soap is a degreaser and a degreaser is a paint striper? Let us bring the sparkle and shine back to your home, while keeping it clean longer and safe for all members of your family!

BTB: How and when did you become involved with My Maid Franchise?

Craig Billingsley: MyMaid has been providing quality home and residential cleaning for the past 32 years and in 2014 started franchising our system.

BTB: What was your background prior to joining MyMaid Franchise?

CB: I got my first job as Butler/House Manager working in Calgary for family with entrepreneurial parents, four kids and two dogs in a large house backing onto a lake. A year later I moved my family to Toronto to work in an estate in a very prominent part of Toronto. Last summer, I received the greatest compliment I could possibly get from a family I work for as a butler and estate manager.

BTB: What are some of the advantages in being a MyMaid Franchise Business owner (franchisee)?

Our Advantage:MyMaid Franchise has six fundamental components that help you grow your franchise business faster.

  • 1. MyMaid knows the market place:
  • The MyMaid franchise is one of the oldest maid service businesses in Ontario (GTA) and is proud to celebrate 32 years of shared success.

  • 2. MyMaid supplies new franchisees with their initial clients:
  • The company provides clients right from the start in a protected territory.

  • 3. MyMaid helps with ongoing client recruitment:
  • MyMaid has powerful strategic marketing partners and marketing tools forged right here in Ontario. The company has decades of experience, and some of the lowest new client acquisition costs in the industry.

  • 4. MyMaid is green conscious:
  • Franchisees will receive training for Eco Green Maid Certification in cutting-edge green technology.

  • 5.MyMaid opportunities:
  • MyMaid operates two concepts and four specialty services. While each is unique, they all share the same approach to filling a niche market with clients’ needs as the focal point.

  • 6. MyMaid CRM software:
  • MyMaid uses a Customer Relationship Management software (MYMAID CRM) with fully integrated accounting, client and employee scheduling, and marketing. The MyMaid CRM system makes it easy for you to manage your growth, and gives you a competitive edge in marketing, sales, and employee management and customer service, all from anywhere, and in real time.

    BTB: Who is your ideal franchise business owner (franchisee)?

    CB:Men and women from all walks of life who see the value of working smart and controlling their destiny.

    BTB: Tell us a little about the Home and Industrial Cleaning Market?

    CB:The Home and Industrial Cleaning market offers excellent potential for profit and growth especially with a partner that has a strong system and marketing plan like the MyMaid Franchise.

    BTB: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise opportunity?

    CB: Find a company with a good history, ask questions and do your due diligence.

    BTB: In your opinion, why do you think that MyMaid Franchise opportunity would be a great opportunity for someone?

    CB: MyMaid Franchise has a history of excellence, low investment with great potential upside.