Senior Helpers - Ray Gasparet, COO


Jun 14, 2018

Ray Gasparet, Senior Helpers' COO

Ray has held the position of COO since November of 2016.  Prior to joining the team at Senior Helpers, Ray enjoyed a reputation of being a highly motivated entrepreneur in the service industry for 17 years.  Regarded for his strong public relations, sales, recruitment and organizational skills, Ray is dedicated to creating and sharing the ultimate customer service experience for franchisees to take to market.    Tell us about the Senior Helpers concept.

Ray Gasparet:  At Senior Helpers we are committed to providing “care and comfort at a moment’s notice”.  Our vision is to provide a platform for seniors to remain in the comfort of their own homes despite age-related illnesses and mobility challenges.  The unwavering support from our Executive Team, continuous coaching from our Business Development Managers and proven sales systems will enable our franchisees to uniquely position themselves in an industry where GROWTH is ready to boom.    What are some of the advantages in being a Senior Helpers franchisee?

Ray Gasparet:  We feel that we offer several competitive advantages to our franchisees in the Senior Care industry in Canada, such as:

· We are Canadian owned and Canadian Operated with offices based just outside of Toronto. 

· Senior Helpers is an industry leader in research & development of disease management programs.

· We bring to the market an acclaimed Senior GEMS Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program along with a leading Parkinson’s Care Program.

· We offer a Professional marketing platform with constant attention to SEO and Social Media optimization.

· We have assembled a Senior Management Team & Advisory Board which brings together the very best and brightest from the franchise, finance and business industries.

· Prime Territory locations available across Canada!    Who is your ideal franchisee?

Ray Gasparet:  We recognize that an ideal franchisee may bring a variety of skills to the forefront, the key is to recognize what strengths they will bring to the opportunity and help them recognize what skill sets they should look for in those they surround themselves with.   An individual or group with the skills to grow a business, prospect on a continuous basis and forge strong relationships in the Community will thrive in this industry.  What often makes the best business owners successful is experience in sales, operations and an ambition to grow a business, that is what distinguishes businesses that grow quickly from those that do not.  This industry is built on a foundation of trust, forging strong relationships within the industry is paramount.  At Senior Helpers, our highly motivated and energetic team is always looking to have discussions with prospective franchisees who are growth oriented and looking to become a part of this opportunity.  If being in business for yourself but not by yourself in an industry on the rise is of interest, a conversation with our team is in order.    Tell us a little about the Senior Care Industry.

Ray Gasparet:  The Senior Care industry is booming, it has been recognized as one of the fastest growing segments in the Canadian Marketplace by the Canadian Franchise Association.  In 1990, 11 percent of the Canadian Population was above the age of 65, by 2030 that number will eclipse 22 percent.  Just last year for the very first time in the history of the country, the number of Seniors in Canada was greater than the number of children. 

According to a Canadian census over 92% of Seniors live in a private household, the elderly to prefer to age in place and nothing can replace the security, familiarity and comfort seniors experience in their own homes; that is why we are such an important option for the aging community.    What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this franchise?

Ray Gasparet:  Since joining this organization, I have been a part of countless discussions, meetings and roundtables regarding the ever-increasing demand for Senior Care.  More specifically, the need for Alzheimer’s and Dementia care is becoming more prevalent each day.  For instance, in 2016, there were 564,000 Canadians were living with Dementia, this number is forecasted by the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada to reach 937,000 by 2031.  Conversations with various Healthcare Professionals have confirmed that there is a shortage of care for the aging population. These same conversations have inspired our team to and search for alternative ways to add value to the lives of others as we continue to grow this brand.  I am certain that our commitment to add value to our franchisees, referral sources and team members on all levels will keep us on the steep growth curve that we are currently on.    Do you have a mentor and is their someone you use for inspiration?

Ray Gasparet:  I am grateful to have been surrounded by some wonderful mentors.  The experience that I have garnered in surrounding myself with such highly regarded and honest people has entrenched in me, several sound principles which I consider to be priorities in the Senior Care industry.  These include the provision of quality service to every client and franchisee; the presence of well-trained, personable and professional team members who take pride in their work and a constant never-ending pursuit of excellence.  

I am extremely fortunate to find myself in a position whereby I am inspired by the people I work alongside each day.  The vision, drive and commitment of the Corporate Team at Senior Helpers inspires me to bring my very best to work each day.  Being a part of this group has been an amazing experience, we look forward to creating some great memories as we continue to grow this brand across Canada.   In your opinion, why do you think that Senior Helpers would be a great opportunity for someone?

Ray Gasparet:  Operating a Senior Helpers franchise will afford you the opportunity to shape your future in a leading industry while delivering a valuable service to your community.  The Conference Board of Canada has stated that “the number of Canadian Seniors requiring continuing care will rise by 71% by 2026”; the Canadian Franchise Association has identified the Senior Care industry as one of the fastest growing segments in the Canadian Marketplace.  After researching the industry and reading the statistics, one will quickly realize that the Senior Care industry is a “rising tide” and all ships sail in a rising tide.

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