Interview with Yvan Laflamme - President of Atlas Medic


Nov 07, 2011

Established in 2001, Atlas Medic has become a respected and recognized distributor of medical equipment and supplies. Co-Founder Yvan Laflamme likes to set himself apart and ahead of his competition with the objective: strive for excellence.

BeTheBoss - What’s the story behind Atlas Medic?

Yvan Laflamme - Atlas Medic was born out of my desire to not let down my clients, after the company that I was working for close it’s door. Me and one of my coworker (who became vice-president of Atlas Medic) decided that it would be foolish to stop what we had spent so much time building and still had so much passion for.

BTB - What made you decide to franchise?

YL - We have negotiate many Canadian exclusivity on some of our best product line, but mostly we where told that our approach and our commitment to the field of health professionals is sorely lacking outside the province.

BTB - Tell us a little about the Market?

YL - The market is definitely growing. The population is aging and they seek to be active throughout their life. They are willing to invest in their health and are ready to look into physiotherapy and other health related treatment in a pro-active way.

BTB - What have some of the challenges been in growing your franchise?

YL - Keeping the philosophy and approach of Atlas Medic intact. It is difficult to let go, to loose some of the control on your reputation, your name. Making sure that the spirit of Atlas Medic is understood by someone who as not lived trough the growing pains of the company.

BTB - Who has been your greatest inspiration?

YL - Guy Laliberté founder of the Cirque du Soleil. Simple person and hard worker. Today the root of my inspiration comes from my team.

BTB - What are some of the advantages in being an Atlas Medic franchisee?

YL - You benefit from our ten (10) years of experience in the field, our well establish reputation built on mutual respect and understanding of the clientele needs and an impeccable support from our in-house staff.

BTB - What “Gadgets” can’t you live without?

YL - I have to say the iPhone. Like most people the iPhone is now part of almost every aspect of my life, be it professional or social.

BTB - What do you do in your spare time?

YL - I reserved my spare time first and foremost to my family (wife and two kids), making sure that they are happy and loved. Then I take care of myself by practicing some of my favorite sports like hockey and tennis.

BTB - What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise?

YL - Be ready to love your job and spend a lot of time with it. Be hungry and proactive towards learning about the different health professions, there is always something new and it is part of our jobs to introduce the changes.

BTB - In your opinion, why do you think that Atlas Medic would be a great opportunity for someone?

YL - Like I was saying earlier, they would start with a plug-and-play entity. We offer a solid home base support composed of our team of experienced customer support agents. We have several on the field advantages like: Canadian exclusivity on some very high end and well known equipment, a vast array of courses and formations recognize by the different health professionals and a effective marketing department who provides a popular web site, publicity and promotions strategies.