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Canada's Top 100 Franchises -
Understanding the Ranking

As a Franchise directory with 20 years’ experience, is committed to providing you with personal, objective and informative news and opportunities directly related to franchising.

Our original Canada’s top 100 Franchises list was created to contribute a valuable resource to the franchising community. Changing times and fresh ideas create new trends and thus we saw a need to provide you with a completely updated 2020 list to reflect the current Franchise market in Canada.

Canada is at the forefront of franchising success (preceded only by the U.S). This can be an extremely lucrative market however it matters more than ever to invest wisely and confidently when considering a franchise opportunity. We are here to provide a targeted, focused and relevant resource for Canadian franchisees and franchisors.

Although you may not be surprised by the presence of Canada's most recognizable brands you may be intrigued by the results. Our focus is to not only provide a general overview of franchise systems but to build on this concept by:

  • Giving recognition to leaders in their respective industries
  • Noting those experiencing significant growth
  • Featuring our own home-grown Canadian franchises
  • Identifying new concepts and trends.

Understanding the Rankings is proud to present our list of the top 100 franchise systems operating in Canada. This list showcases a current representation of the franchise industry across the country.

We asked franchisors to provide data on various aspects of their franchise systems including company history, number of units in operation in Canada and business format. The only participation requirement was the presence of at least one franchise unit in Canada. Each submission was then entered into a database prior to analysis*. Data was compiled from franchise systems that encompassed all sizes, industries and Canadian territories.

Our 'Canada’s Top 100 Franchises' list represents only the total number of units currently operating in Canada, ranked high to low. All other factors, whether objective or subjective are not taken into account in order to provide an unbiased representation of the Canadian presence of all the companies that appear on our lists.

Should you wish to pursue a franchise opportunity please be aware that this information is intended only as a research tool. We urge you to take the time to conduct your own thorough and extensive investigation and due diligence. If you would like some more general information about franchising, how to get started or connecting with franchisors, please go ahead and click here.

*Please note that all information was collated exclusively from respondent answers or publicly obtainable online documents provided by franchisors. This is information is true to the best of our knowledge and has not been verified via the use of Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD).