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Investment Level $200,001 ~ $300,000

Our business model is built for success in any economy. We provide top quality massage therapy, full esthetic skin care and colon hydrotherapy previously available only at day spas and resorts. Our centers are conveniently located, elegant and appealing to both men and women.

Our business model enables us to provide the highest quality services at
affordable rates, allowing people who have never tried massage to benefit from the health and wellness aspects of this wonderful modality.

Keys to our success include; virtually no inventory or carrying cost, a proven strategic marketing plan that positions us within the health and wellness industry, and our management and franchisee support system.

It's no secret that LaVida Massage is doing well in today's troubled economy. Massage therapy is the oldest and simplest form of medical care. The Industry is booming as awareness of the therapeutic properties of massage continues to grow.

LaVida Massage reveals the secrets of owning a successful franchise with its “Three Steps to Ownership”. These steps to owning a LaVida Massage franchise addresses many, if not all of the “frequently asked questions” you will encounter as you take the journey towards owning your own LaVida Massage Center.

The “Three Steps to Ownership” will give insights into areas such as LaVida's history, the industry, how to build your own business, training, marketing, hiring and retention of staff, center operations, real estate and development, investment criteria, franchisee requirements, availability and more.

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