Interview with John Hoose Founder of LaVida Massage


Jan 18, 2010

John Hoose is founder of LaVida Massage Franchise Development, Inc. Prior to this, John successfully launched the international franchise Auction It Today! in 2000 and also developed Imagelogik, an innovative image magnification software program.

BeTheBoss – Tell us about LaVida Massage

John Hoose – We developed LaVida to provide superior therapeutic massage at a great price. LaVida offers customers convenient appointments in the evenings after work, weekends and early mornings.

BTB - Tell us about the massage therapy industry.

JH - The demand for high quality/low cost massage therapy has skyrocketed in the last five years. Our culture is pushing us to all time high stress levels. People are seeking out new ways to stay healthy and reduce stress. Massage offers benefits beyond the tangible; it can elevate your mood as well as soothe aching muscles. It has also been found to reduce blood pressure with regular sessions. Proper nutrition, exercise and many forms of natural therapies all work together to stave off stress!

BTB - What kind of training does LaVida offer its franchisees?

JH - We offer the highest standard of training available in the industry. Franchisees attend one week of LaVida training where they learn all aspects of daily operation. This consists of both hands on at our flagship center and in depth software training. One week of on-site training in the field at your location for opening support as well.

BTB – LaVida now has several centers in operation and dozens in development in the U.S. To what do you attribute the fast success of your operation?

JH - We did intense research and took the time to build a superior business model. With virtually no inventory and low cost start up, it’s a win-win! LaVida is also a great work environment for the owner who chooses to run the business themselves. The customers are thankful and happy; the surroundings are beautiful & serene. It’s truly a pleasure to own & operate a LaVida Massage franchise!

BTB - What are your plans to expand internationally?

JH - We have development deals in far reaching corners of the globe! Look for LaVida to expand in some exciting territories including Russia, the Middle East & the UK.