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McDonalds Fast Food Franchise

Company History

McDonald's roots actually trace back to 1940, with the opening of McDonald's Bar-B-Q Restaurant in California by Mac and Dick McDonald. In 1948, the McDonald's revamped the business, centering on a simple menu of fast food items with a 15 cent hamburger as the centerpiece. A year later, the McDonald's would replace potato chips with French fries. In 1954, 52 year old salesman, Ray Kroc visited the McDonald's location on a sales call and found out they were looking for a franchise partner. By 1965, McDonald's had become a publicly traded company and in 1968 had expanded its menu to include some of its world-famous items, such as the Big Mac. Today, McDonald's is the largest fast food chain in the world, with a presence in more than 100 countries. An estimated 68 million people visit McDonald's each day all over the globe.

The Industry

McDonalds Fast Food Franchise

The fast food industry in Canada is growing steadily, despite global economic concerns. Affordable and convenient food often retains customer demand when times are tough. According to EuroMonitor International, a consumer research agency, the Canadian fast food industry is set to reach $23.6 billion by 2016 and McDonald's is currently a holder of one of the three biggest market shares in Canada. Of the eleven different types of fast food categories in the industry, the hamburger-style items reign supreme with a share of more than 30 percent of the total market.

The Opportunity

McDonald's is looking to expand its reach throughout Canada. The successful candidate will be motivated and ready to succeed while learning the ins and outs of running a franchise in Canada locations to provide the quality and service customers have come to expect. The location costs vary by restaurant style and area. While McDonald's does not offer franchisees financing directly, the company has established relationships with lenders who will work with qualified franchisees.

The Benefits

McDonalds Fast Food Franchise

A fully comprehensive training system: McDonald's has been developing its training program for franchisees for decades. Some highlights include a minimum of nine months of on-site training in a local McDonald's restaurant, conferences, seminars and one-on-one training opportunities and an advanced five-day training course specifically designed for fast food scenarios.

Support: McDonald's supports its franchisees in training and through marketing and advertising. All McDonald's owners and operators participate in a pool for national advertising and marketing. Franchisees get the benefit of world-level advertising at local ad prices. The marketing and promotion campaigns have helped establish McDonald's as a recognizable public brand.

History of success: Franchisees benefit from McDonald's established track record in the industry by having access to recipes and trademarks associated with McDonald's flagstaff items, such as the Fillet-O-Fish and Big Mac. These items are already popular among the public, helping to create a customer base before a new location even opens its doors.

Ongoing help: McDonald's franchisees can expect to receive support and help throughout the duration of the relationship. McDonald's also provides franchisees with updated training and materials to keep them on top of new trends and developments in the industry.

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