Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids Franchisee - Sue Currie


Oct 12, 2009

The first time I walked into the Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids in Burlington, I was awestruck and speechless.  After about a minute, all I could chant repeatedly was ‘This is amazing!’.
It would seem that my search ended at that very minute. 

After the birth of my second child, Samuel, my priorities completely changed from making everyone else happy at the corporation I was working at to making myself and my family happy.  I started researching different at-home business opportunities while on maternity leave so I could be closer to home and my kids.  Loving the challenge of being an entrepreneur, I started a small on-line business that was never going to be lucrative but intrigued my creative side.  Developing business relationships and networking with other ‘Mompreneurs’ was fun.  Working at marketing and promoting was both challenging and rewarding.   I wanted more.

After spending most of my second maternity leave developing a Business Plan for an indoor playground, the next step was financing.   I wanted to work where I lived while also making a difference in our community.  My town needed this.  When my partner backed out, the dream ended… the old dream that is.

Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids was a clear choice for us.   If the appearance of the store made my eyes pop, then what would it do for my kids?  They loved it.  Sharkey’s became synonymous to McDonalds.   The mere mention threw them in a tizzy knowing they would sit in a Barbie Jeep, watch TV, have their nails painted, get a sucker and a balloon (and of course, a haircut).  Knowing my reaction as a parent, could only trigger the same feelings in any customer walking in, right?

Sharkey’s was perfect for my skills-set and experience.  I had 15 years of retail experience and 15 years of customer service, networking, community development and programming with a municipal position.  The assistance offered by the Franchisor in regards to finding our store-front, acquiring appropriate permits and licences and the emotional support were invaluable. 

At first, I was concerned that having no salon experience would be an issue, however, the stylists were an amazing professional resource.   I am able to utilize them for their skills and experience while I take care of the business side. 

After being a franchisee for 4 months, I am thrilled to see my initial clients coming back for their second and third haircuts.  Having my stylists remembered by name due to the great haircut they gave or a young girl excited about her 7th birthday party in the Glamour Room makes my day.  Knowing that our retail intrigues not only our young clients but our adult customers too… this is the excitement and challenge I’d been looking for.

Ultimately, Sharkey’s satisfies all of my needs in terms of a fresh, dynamic and innovative business opportunity.