McDonald's trucks in U.K to Use Cooking Oil for Fuel


Jul 05, 2007

McDonald's said Monday it is converting its U.K delivery vehicles to run on biodiesel made largely from its own recycled cooking oil.

Matthew Howe, SVP with McDonald's UK, said the fast food restaurant should eventually be able to replace the 6 million liters of diesel its fleet used last year with cooking oil from its 1,200 restaurants in Britain.

"We may even have a little bit of excess (biodiesel) capacity we can sell into the market," he told Reuters.

About half of its 45-strong fleet based in Basingstoke in southern England is running on the biodiesel, McDonald's said, adding that it would convert all its 155 delivery trucks to run on the green fuel in about 12 months.

The move will save about 1,700 tons of carbon annually, which is the equivalent of removing about 2,400 cars from the road each year, when the national rollout is completed next year, the company said.

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Source – Reuters