Multi Menu delivers success to your door


Jun 30, 2006

More opportunities in the pet industry Multi Menu delivers success to your door! Success brings success, this is what comes to mind when you look at Multi Menu''''s development across the country. Multi Menu has now 100 franchised territories across Canada, this is 50 more than the same date last year. The Quebec based company is very pleased about its success in Western Canada. The Multi Menu concept was able to catch the attention of entrepreneurs all across Canada. Vancouver Island has been master franchised, and already 23% of Alberta has been sold just in the last few months. The development of Multi Menu in the east is steady. A master franchise for Eastern Ontario was sold few months ago and already three new franchisees are opening for business shortly. In Quebec, 20 new franchises were opened in the last six months. Multi Menu is working intensively on the development in the Atlantic Provinces, where 13 franchised territories are in operation in New Brunswick. Each franchised territory sells for 9500$, it is exclusive and marketing, training and support are included in the franchise fees. Twelve new franchises should open during the summer in order to be ready for fall. Multi Menu is launching in the next few weeks, three new dog food formulas; one holistic (Gourmet), one fish based (Evolution) and one for active dogs (Energy). The products available thru Multi Menu will raise to 10 000 beginning of September 2006. Always the best quality at the cheapest price and free home delivery. Multi Menu product line will include 18 pet formulas and 10000 products available with free home delivery, always the best price and the personal service people are looking for. The numbers about the pet industry are still growing, more pets and more dollars per pet than ever. Average Canadians spend 660$ per year per pet for food and treats. A 10 billions dollar business in America, a 1.6 billions dollar business in Canada. Multi Menu is a member of the Canadian Franchise Association and member of PIJAC. All Multi Menu pet food are certified HACCP for quality control and approved by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. Every day in Canada, there is a new Pets are Kids' Best Fan Program starting and helping the local communities raise money. This creative idea is not only helping the community but it helps the franchisees to get the exposure and generate new business. The Pets are Kids' Best Fan program is a passive income program by which the pets of a community supports the community’s’ charities. Your pet loves, it we deliver it !