3 Things to Do After Your Grand Opening

Opening your new Canadian franchise is an exciting process in general, but your Grand Opening day has a special sort of feel to it. Once you've pulled it off, take the next three steps below to help keep your momentum going.

Leave the store

This may sound out of left field, but you likely don't need to be in your new location all hours of the day when you first open. Strike while the iron is hot; you want to capitalize on the energy and excitement a new business brings to an area when it first opens. One way to do that is by getting out there and networking. Leave your store so you can shake some hands, pass out cards and get yourself out in front of your neighbors. Meet the other small business owners in the area so you can tell them about your new business and learn what you may be able to do for them.

Get your employees motivated

Keep the excitement going in your business itself by letting your employees know how their efforts have helped lead to a successful opening. You may not have specific sales number to give them yet, but you can give them a general idea of how it is going. If possible, now is the time to surprise employees with a small bonus or gift as well. This makes them feel truly appreciated and can boost their motivation for the next phase of your business.

Speak to your fellow franchisees

During your franchise research, you should have spoken to other franchisees in the system you joined. Now is the time to call them again. This may sound odd, but you have two goals here. One is to thank them for speaking to you during your search phase. The second objective is to ask them what they did when they first opened to keep the momentum up. Try to get actionable tips you can use instead of vague generalizations. Offer your help to them, too; you never know when you'll need friends, and now is the time to make them.

The day you open your doors for the first time, you'll experience a wave of energy like no other. The key here is to keep that energy going so your business will grow and thrive at the pace you've dreamed about.