4 Unexpected Benefits of Running a Seasonal Canadian Franchise

One of the great things about franchises is how many different types are available, especially in Canada. No matter what your passion is, there is likely a franchise out there that allows you to pursue it.

However, all those choices can be a little overwhelming when you're looking for your ideal opportunity. This can cause you to quickly dismiss certain brands, particularly seasonal ones, to try and narrow down the field as fast as possible. Before you rule out a seasonal franchise business, here are some surprising benefits to consider.


You may have larger streaks of free time

Whenever your franchise isn't operating, you can do something else, such as travel with your family or finally get that degree you always wanted. While there is still some down time with a non-seasonal franchise, the free time you'll have as a seasonal franchisee is usually more defined, which allows you to plan even more for that time.


You may have fewer expenses and an easier budget process

Seasonal doesn't mean never working during off-season; many seasonal franchisees use this time to work on their plans for profit. The regularity of seasonal franchisees can make budgeting and financial planning easier. In addition, after your first year, you can make a reasonable estimate of what you will need for next season and purchase those materials in bulk and at lower rates.


You can seriously plan your marketing

If you like to plan your marketing ahead of time and have everything ready in advance for busy times, a seasonal franchise may be a match for you. Marketing for an all-year-round franchise tends to involve more juggling than marketing for a seasonal brand, which is more defined and sharply timed.


You can enjoy efficient hiring and training processes

During the off-season, you will have the time needed to find and train employees. As your business will be closed or slow during this time, you will find you have more time to focus on this specific task. This is a significant perk if you are concerned about being able to find and train employees when you need them.

Ultimately, the "right" franchise for you will be the one that suits your needs and your style. Before you rule out a seasonal franchise entirely, be sure to weigh the potential benefits you can enjoy from owning this type of business.