7 People You'll Meet on the Road to Your Canadian Franchise

As a Canadian prospective franchisee, you'll meet many different people during the sales process. While some franchisers will have one person filling several roles and others will have separate people for each role, check out these seven people you may meet on your journey to your new business so you're completely prepared.


Development Manager: Your First Stop

Often, you’ll meet the franchise development manager first. This is the person driving the whole franchise approval process. This manager will be your problem-solver as you move through the sale process, and he or she will also ensure you complete all the necessary paperwork for the transaction.


Real Estate Manager: Your Site Driver

The real estate manager is the person who will help you find a location for your Canadian franchise that will fulfill the requirements set by your franchiser. He or she will also work to get the budget for your store and its location approved by your franchiser.


Legal Department: Your Compliance Officer

The franchiser's legal department ensures all legal documents are correct, including in their execution. Documents handled by this department include franchise, training, design and construction agreements.


Design Manager: Your Style Stop

You might work with a design manager for your location layout, but this isn't true of all franchises. With some companies, you will receive a prototype set of plans with specifications, and you will work with an engineer or architect to get your location layout down.


Construction Manager: Your Builder

From the lease signing to the opening, your construction manager will monitor the project for your location. This role has many responsibilities, but its scope will vary by franchise. This manager makes sure your location is ready to receive your opening team and is up to the franchiser's specifications.


Training Manager: Your Teacher

Naturally, a training manager will make sure you complete all required training. If you are training in a current franchisee's business, the training manager will usually make sure that franchisee and his or her staff are certified training locations so there is consistency with the instructions across the entire system.


Opening Team: Your Helpers

Some franchises have opening teams, which consist of people who come to help you with location setup and the training of your core staff. This team will also make sure your location meets the franchiser's standards and that you and your staff can effectively serve consumers. In general, this team is who will determine whether your location and your people are ready to open for business.

You will meet many people along the way as you move toward owning your own franchise. Get familiar with each role so you know where to direct your questions and concerns, no matter what they are.